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Art of Meditation


Burgs_meditation_teacher For those of you interested in joining one of our retreats or workshops for the first time, here is a little background information about Burgs to give you the confidence that he has successfully taught many people across the globe, from all walks of life and at various stages of their practice.

Burgs has been teaching meditation in Europe and Asia since 1998. His teaching style draws upon a wide range of influences he studied whilst in Asia.

He initially trained as the main assistant to the Balinese meditation teacher and healer Merta Ada, and helped him set up his hugely successful Meditation school in Indonesia. The Healing meditation practices he learned during this period, heavily influence Burgs’ current teaching practice, which have a strong emphasis on the application of meditation in the maintenance and cultivation of physical and mental health. While learning from Merta Ada, he also trained in Chi Kung with a number of well-known Taoist teachers in Asia, and today integrates many of these practices into his teaching system.

Burgs then went onto learn meditation from the Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw in Burma. Here he learned the systematic teachings of the Buddha as expounded in the mediation manual, The Vissudhimagga. He was personally tutored by the Sayadaw, and became the first Westerner to complete the entire series of 40 Samatha meditation practices as described by the Buddha.

After disrobing as a monk in Burma, he was asked to visit the Tibetan Light Master, His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche, who gave him the direct Dzogchen Mind Transmissions, and subsequently recognised his attainment of some of the highest levels of Dzogchen practice.

Since then, Burgs has been teaching both meditation and chi kung in the UK. (Currently in Kings Caple (near Hereford) Herefordshire, Midhurst West Sussex and various places around London).

Burgs has a deep grounding and understanding in all aspects of meditation and energetic cultivation, and has a profound appreciation of how different spiritual practices and traditions fit together as a whole.

He can directly perceive the mechanics of the mind and body, and can help elucidate the relationship between these aspects of ourselves. By clearly explaining their various functions, coupled with the ability to teach them with such ease and lightness, Burgs can help you realise your own aspirations, whatever they may be.

These may just be to find some peace and happiness in your life, or to alleviate yourself from some disease or illness with which you are struggling. It may be to find a way in which to live a simple and good life, or to equip yourself with the tools to truly be of service to others. Whatever your aspirations or reasons for learning to meditate, Burgs can help point you in the right direction.

It is a rare opportunity to find a person who has trained in these spiritual practices –  which can be hard to fathom for ourselves - and make them available to us as normal everyday people, in the context of our western daily life.

It is rarer still to find someone that can deliver such teachings and practices whilst providing us the energetic support we need to progress on our path.  It is this support that allows us to start our process of healing, eventually leading to the realisation of our own aspirations.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced yogi with many years of practice, you are invited to come and explore these teachings with Burgs, and experience the way he brings the teachings back to life.

A more detailed account of how Burgs came to meditation and began to teach in England, is available in his newly edited book ‘Beyond the Veil’.
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