03 June 2015

Chi Kung Attitude – Putting The Kung into Chi Kung

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Chi Kung Attitude – PuttingThe Kung into Chi Kung

Ok, so let’s talk about Chi Kung and how we can we use this kind of practice, how it will serve us and what job it will do for us in the daily life.

One of the things we are developing is our acceptance and our equanimity, learning to live with things as they are, knowing that they are not always going to be in perfect balance and so learning to accept the fact that they get out of balance. It’s not accepting the fact that things get out of balance that keeps them out of balance. Accepting things as they are allows them to release and come back into order.

We may have a tendency to accumulate ignorant energy, ignorant energy is a lack of awareness, and the unwholesome reactions of aversion and craving that a lack of equanimity brings about. This is what interferes with the rhythms and currents of your body and congests your chi and produces this dense feeling of stiffness, heaviness and blockage that you feel.

When we do the kind of chi kung I teach you on retreat, we are activating the chi so that it can start to reorganise itself. First of all you have to go through that activation stage. If you just start to try and reorganise your chi and it’s not active, you won’t be clearing off from a deep enough level, so you have to activate it. The warm up process is a practice in its own right. It can be the only thing you do and you’ll probably find that if you only do that practice and can’t remember anything else it will keep your head above water. And then we do the exercises to open the body into deeper places where the really stuck stuff is. Where you find you can’t move or there’s a resistance to movement, there’s a sure sign that you are holding something pretty shadowy in there. And if you try and move through it without activating your chi and getting into your awareness then you bring your reactive mind to your efforts to work on the blockage and you’ll pull up those bad reactions and you’ll find your resistance to going in there which is what stops you getting in there.

So you have to enter into the state of awareness, let’s just call it awareness or we could call it our chi kung state, which is this slightly detached but very present, very mindful state but a non-reactive state, non interfering state. If you start moving through the stiffness in your back with your normal mind, ‘Ahhh there’s that stiffness in my back’, you simply produce more aversion energy there.

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