The Give Back Generation

What is the Give Back Generation

The Give Back Generation is a call to everyone out there who is feeling the needs to look deeply into the role of humanity right now and investigate how we might take account and responsibility as guardians of not just the planet, but our own future welfare and possibly even survival.

It is a call to investigate the idea of quantum change in the way we perceive our function and role as the most intelligent and most influential living beings alive on our planet.

Quite simply it asks the question “How might we start to Give Back some of what we have taken in our efforts to secure long term stability, balance and hopefully start to improve the world we live in rather.

It is an invitation to each of us to start asking. “What have I got to give.”

As a teacher, who has for 20 years taught thousands of people how to meditate, I have done so in the hope of supporting people in their efforts live more informed and balanced lives, and help them to be better equipped to take care of themselves. In this capacity I feel it would be a disservice to not at this time be encouraging all each of us to look deeply into the role that service, contribution and giving back might play in both our individual and group wellbeing.

And as part of the initiative to encourage people to start reflecting deeply upon what might be the genuine grounds for a deeper sense of wellbeing and meaning in our lives right now, I have written a book that I would like to publish as soon as possible. If the idea behind The Give Back Generation resonates with you, you can help to make this happen, by forward ordering this book and the accompanying album which is called “ Brave Souls.


Burgs' New Book

“The Survival Guide To Staying Conscious”

The book “The Survival Guide To Staying Conscious” takes a deep and honest look at the changing quality of our living experience and the challenges it faces in the wake of the technological age. It looks at the effect this is having upon the way we are functioning, and investigates some of the compelling indicators that suggest we need to embrace wholesale change if we are going to safeguard the integrity of our consciousness lived experience. in essence the book looks deeply at what it actually means to be a human being. This is not an environmental argument. It is a penetrating look at the very nature of the human condition. But it is also a call to action. A call to arms to all you Brave Souls out there who have it in your heart  to stand tall now and find the courage to ask difficult questions and dig deep in the search for answer. 

Interview with Burgs on the new book:

You can read an excerpt from the book here


Burgs' forthcoming new album

Brave Souls

The Album is called “Brave Souls” and I see it as an invitation for us all to  become exactly that. I have gathered 10 motivational discourses taken from the last 10 years. It has been a privilege to collaborate on this with a number of amazing musicians from around the world, to create what I hope will be a profound listening, healing and meditative experience. I hope to take you on a journey of reflection into how we might live more fully, courageously and considerately.  The Album is in effect a call to arms; an invitation to find the Brave Soul in each of us so that together we might forge a bright new future as the Give Back Generation.

An interview with Burgs on his new album Brave Souls:

Short clips set to two of the tracks from ” Brave Souls”: