Retreats with Burgs

A brief tour of the various retreats and workshops we host

Burgs has hosted many retreats over the years for all kinds of people. From total beginners coming to learn meditation to find some peace, calm and clarity in their daily lives, to those who have dedicated some part or all of their lives to the pursuit of the fruits that meditation can bring when we really engage and apply ourselves.

Burgs’ ability to transmit the depth and breadth of the vast arena of meditation, has over the years provided a retreat schedule that has something for everyone to engage with.

Below is a list of the various retreats that we host, but note that not all of them are available every year. Burgs develops different aspects of the teachings each year and there’s only so much time to run retreats. Also note that each retreat is a unique event and is specific to each group that sits with him; there are never any two retreats the same.

You’ll also find that some retreats require a certain level of experience before you are able to join them. This ensures that the teachings being shared are suitable for the students attending.

There are a couple of ‘core’ events that we host (listed below). If you were to just attend these events and nothing else, your meditation practice, your health, and your happiness will gradually develop over time as your meditative stability matures.

Core Teachings

The Journey Starts Here

The Art of Meditation 7day Retreat

The 7day retreat is the core ‘foundation’ retreat that we run. It’s for beginners and experienced students alike. If you kept coming back to re-sit this retreat ten times, you still wouldn’t get bored. There’s so much to laying the foundation of your meditation practice, so don’t assume that once you have done this retreat, you need to move on to something more advanced. Many experienced students still attend this retreat ten or fifteen years later, continually deepening and developing their meditative stability with this practice. We recommend you sit this retreat once every nine or twelve months. Each retreat is unique and is specifically tailored to the group that attends. [more info]


Just Let Go Weekend Workshop

For those who either can’t take a week away from work, or who are still on the fence about booking a retreat, this is where to start. It is also an excellent way for students who have already been on retreat to ‘plug’ back into the teachings.

All those that attend have a deeply restorative time, and leave knowing what it feels like to meditate and hopefully are inspired to join a 7day retreat. [more info]


Online Courses

The option to access the teachings online has been popular and helpful for those who find it hard to be disciplined at home. Being able to take things at your own pace enables you to really digest the various aspects of meditation. But there is no substitute to coming on retreat and sitting in front of a teacher who can share deeply transformative teachings with you. [more info]

Working the Body

Taking your physical and mental health seriously is now much more prominent in today’s society. And so for many, further exploring how meditation and other supportive energetic practices can help keep you healthy and happy makes sense. 


Internal Alchemy Healing Meditation Retreat

Aimed at the under 45’s, this retreat shares the teachings to develop and build your internal energy. The practices may be at times physically demanding but the result is that you should have more energy available to put towards your meditation practice, as well as your daily life. [more info]


Detox Healing Retreat

A special programme specifically put together by Burgs and his team, with the aim to help clear the physical debris that holds us back energetically. Over a lifetime we accrue toxins in the blood and organs of the body. Giving these a clear out helps free up our immune system, and gets our body firing on all cylinders and helping us feel energised and happy. [more info]

Developing Your Meditation

Go Deeper

For those that really just want to get more into their meditation practice and see where it can really take you. Here we develop our practice by focusing on specific aspects of Buddhist meditation.  

Introduction to Vipassana & Heart Essence Retreat

An initial look at the practice of Vipassana and the teachings on the Heart Essence of the Awakened Mind. This retreat is suitable for those who have already sat the 7day Art of Meditation retreat. [more info]


Vipassana Retreat

This is the detailed practice that Burgs was taught whilst in the forests of Burma (Myanmar). For those who have sat retreat with us and are committed to their practice. Run once a year. [more info]

Heart Essence of the Awakened Mind

This is the Tibetan Buddhist branch of teachings that Burgs received while in India. You will need to have a stable practice to start to engage with this teaching. Generally run every other year. [more info]


Towards Samadhi

Usually run over a longer period of time (two – three weeks), this is a time for committed practitioners to take time out from daily life to develop their meditation practice. This is where teachings on what some meditators call jhana practice are given. Individual guidance is given by Burgs when appropriate. Generally run every few years. [more info]

Beyond Meditation

Learn to Navigate the High Plains

Once we start to build a foundation to our meditation practice, we can venture towards some of the deepest questions that we have.


Connecting to Source

This retreat brings together the Internal Alchemy retreat and the teachings of the Heart Essence. [more info]


Healing Power of Dream and Sleep

Ever wanted to really know what your dreams are made of? Have you ever had a lucid dream? How can you be open to deep healing experiences during sleep? These and other experiences are explored on this retreat. [more info]


Spiritual Care in Death and Dying

The one thing we all know for sure, is that one day we will be separated from all of our loved ones, whether it be because we pass on, or they do. This retreat looks at how we can make peace with this certainty. It also looks at ways in which we can support ourselves, and others through the dying process. [more info]


Winter Long Retreats

If you’re committed to your practice and want to really know what meditation can do, then this is for you. Retreats run from three weeks to five months in duration. Applicants should have a solid meditation practice. [more info]