03 November 2014

How much has it cost to have me here?

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by Hugo Sandon

One of the biggest wet fishes, of the many that have been served up over the years was this question; “How much has it cost the world to have you here? Do you really think you will have contributed more than you took out when you die?”

Gosh. This wet fish slapped across my face and knocked me right off my perch. Once I really started to ponder this and to get to the heart of the question, I have to say I was a little shocked. I’d never really thought about it in such a complete way. Although I had been aware that I was very fortunate and that there was a massive environmental impact that humans were having on the world and had a sense that what we consume without thinking on a daily basis was quite substantial, I hadn’t properly looked at it in terms of me, personally.


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  1. Jelena Belgrave

    I have enjoyed your introspective writing, Hugo. I’ve just come back from lunch break, tired from the overall Christmas shopping frenzy that takes over Oxford Circus at this time of year. Your words are so timely!

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