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The idea for Brave Souls grew as a response to the following that has emerged on SoundCloud from people listening to my discourses. I started mixing edited versions of some of the tasks I had given on retreat with pieces of music that I thought matched the mood and ambience of each track.

I quickly realised that people were returning to listen to the same tracks many times and with this I recognised there was a much greater opportunity for them to absorb the message and teachings I was trying to share. There has been a secular Mindfulness movement emerging but I felt that this had a tendency to remove some of the core messages that the spiritual teachings it came out of held at its core. This felt to me to be a disservice to the many people out there who I felt were truly ready for encouragement towards positive change in the face of the challenges facing us all now as humanity.

So while I was writing my fourth book, “The Survival Guide to Staying Conscious”, I decided also to work on the “Brave Souls” project.

Brave Souls is a call to all of you out there who are looking for ways to change. I hope it will stand as a call to action to find the courage within your own hearts to discover for yourselves the things that are truly meaningful and important in life, at a time where we are all too often prompted to forget them.

At the heart of the message that runs through the album is the notion of just how rare and precious this human life is, and how much care it takes to live it well. Ultimately it is asking all of us at this time to find our own ways of contributing to what I am calling “The Give Back Generation”. We are the generation in whose hands the future of our planet lies, and it has come to us to make the choices and changes that are necessary to safeguard the future for those who are to come.

I hope you enjoy the album. There is a lot of content in it and it is not necessarily the case that you will want to always just play if through from start to finish. Each track is designed to stand on its own, and can be used as the basis for your own reflections and meditation. The music that accompanies all of these tracks has been contributed by a group of wonderful and extra-ordinary musicians to whom I am deeply grateful, for not just their contributions but encouragement to make this album. If you like the music you find here, please take the time to explore their work. They are all amazing.