27 February 2015

The real ground of my life

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by Charity Garnett

There is a space, which before I went on a Burgs retreat, I barely recognised as a part of myself. This is the place in which I meet myself, where my normal commentary of endless to do’s and will do’s, half did and wish I did better, next time I will and when this happens that will, endless rounds of self flagellation and self congratulation, resolutions and resulting possibilities that don’t last beyond that thought, pause, and I am left in presence, and awareness.

The moments where I feel what I feel, I inhabit where I am right here right now. Meditation brings me to this brink of my existence, as can calming down enough to really see and feel a beautiful natural place, the feeling of being really understood by a dear friend, when emotion, good or bad rises so high my heart breaks open and I really am where I am. When I have danced myself into a trancelike joyous calm, when I have ears to hear music, usually live, that wakes me up. Holding a freshly born baby, seemingly unsullied by the world, in its hangover of peace and presence.

As a nurse,


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  1. Kirsten Baker

    This is such a beautiful piece of writing Charity and really encapsulates the peaceful space one learns to access via studying and meditating with Burgs. It shows both the personal and collective benefits of meditation as presence is recognised when alone and then also seen in others. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!

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