Give Back Generation Overview

The Give Back generation is about safeguarding our shared future. It aspires to transform the culture of consumption into one of contribution and so secure a stable and flourishing world for the generations to come.

Every now and then a generation is challenged with the responsibility of overseeing times of great change and significance. The generation who have come of age over the last 15 years are such a generation, for the world they will become guardians of has changed so profoundly from the one their parents inherited, that the very paradigms we have based our vision of life upon now need to be fundamentally reviewed. The decisions we make in the next 10 years, about how we lead our lives, will define the future a very long time to come. Few of us today, if we have been paying even attention, believe that deep and wholesale changes are not well over due. Our challenge is whether we will choose to embrace and embody such changes or have them thrust upon us. The Give Back Generation is an initiative to help you embrace the change.

Quite simply it is the point at which we as groups of individuals make the conscious choice to work towards becoming the first generation to give back more than we have taken out. Its time for us to stop asking the question, what is in it for me, and start asking, what have I got to give?