17 June 2015

The Power of Patience and Determination

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Patience is the quality of tolerance and forbearance, of being able to allow things to come about in a timely way. It overcomes our growing need for instant gratification. Some things in life we have to work for patiently. We can’t always expect to get what we want just because we want it. Many problems that arise in life won’t get resolved quickly, they take time and perseverance, forbearance and patience. Often these things that don’t suddenly happen can turn out to be the most precious of gifts.

In a modern world where we are growing used to getting what we want quickly it is easy to develop a sense of entitlement, stamping our feet, or getting in a huff when things don’t go our way. But with things that are really of value to us and precious it is worth putting forth effort and being patient.

In nature when a seed is planted it takes time for it to bring forth fruit. We may have lost touch with this simple truth and become frustrated by things that don’t reward us instantly. Life is so much more than an expression of our personal will, and there are deeper currents at work within the fabric of life that we need to be aligned with if we are going to maintain an inner and outer balance. The other week I spoke about the energy of the four directions. Patience is most definitely associated with the energy to the south. The attitude of giving things the time they need to come to fruition and completion.

Unfortunately, many of us have become so used to being able to instantly gratify our needs, that we develop real stress when things don’t go our way. We want a book, we order it and it arrives the following day, we want something specific for dinner, it’s at our fingertips. It is easy to forget that some people still have to walk half a day just to get clean drinking water. Even being able to buy things on credit instead of saving up until we can afford them, begins to diminish how we value the things in our lives.

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