07 June 2015

The True Path of the Yogi: The Importance of Restraint Conduct and Discipline in Higher Meditative Practice

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Over the years I have run a number of long retreats, for students hoping to develop the higher stages of meditation. I have always tried to make the teachings and the experience that I have to share about meditation as freely available as I can . When I was being trained intensively by my teachers, the energetic approach to higher insight and concentration practices were extremely important to the progress I made . And so my meditation was only a part of a broader approach to my personal cultivation. Of equal importance during that time , was the energetic healing process, the purification of my body through diet and cleansing, the opening of my energy channels through chi kung, internal alchemy and breathwork, and the strengthening of my body through yoga postures as well as my meditation practice.

When first my meditation developed my body was simply not fit, open and purified enough to manage the powerful energy that opened up within me as a by product of my intensive meditative training. On a number of occasions, I would have to go away into retreat for the purposes of strengthening my nerve system or purifying my chakra and energy body, or to cleanse by body physically. I also had to keep a very strict code of conduct, and it became obvious to me during my training, that if ever I wavered in my commitment to virtuous conduct and discipline, my meditation would waver, and in particular my concentration would lose its depth and stability to some degree.

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