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Burgs6 Introduction

Burgs has been teaching meditation in Europe and Asia since 1995. He has hosted over 100 retreats (from 5 days to 5 months) and has always offered these on donation. One of the most accomplished teachers in the UK today, Burgs has worked with parents, children, business people, athletes, students and celebrities. Over the years, he has helped countless people, from complete beginners to monks, nuns, and yogis. And he’s been recommended by hospitals, oncologists and therapists.

Burgs has a deep understanding in the broad field of meditation and energetic cultivation, and has a profound appreciation of how different meditation practices and traditions fit together as a whole.

He translates profound ancient knowledge and teachings into approachable and digestible language. His deep understanding and experience of the highest level of meditation and his ability to communicate these to Western audiences make him an extremely accessible teacher.

By clearly explaining the energetic relationship between the body and the mind and how they are conditioned by each other, the system of meditation he teaches has helped countless people achieve an improved level of both mental and physical health.

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Burgs tells of his journey into meditation (and the point it led him to)


Burgs Background

Burgs initially trained as the main assistant to the Balinese meditation teacher and healer Merta Ada, and helped him set up his hugely successful meditation school in Indonesia. The healing meditation practices he learned during this period, heavily influence Burgs’ teaching practice, which have a strong emphasis on the application of meditation in the maintenance and cultivation of physical and mental health.

While learning from Merta Ada, he also trained in Chi Kung with a number of revered Taoist masters in Asia, and today integrates many of these practices into his teaching system.

Burgs went on to learn meditation from the Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw in Burma. Here he learned the systematic practices of both Samatha (serenity) and Vipassana (insight) meditation as expounded in the famous ancient mediation manual, The Visuddhimagga.He was personally tutored by the Sayadaw, and became the first Westerner to complete the entire series of forty samatha (serenity) meditation practices as described by the Buddha.

During this time he practiced both as a lay yogi and as a monk, and after disrobing in Burma, he travelled to North India where he spend time practicing under the guidance of the Tibetan Light Master, His Holiness Dodrupchen Rinpoche, who recognised his meditative abilities and gave him the precious Direct Dzogchen Mind Transmission teachings. When he finished his practice there, Dodrupchen Rinpoche encouraged him to return to his own country and start teaching for the benefit of others.

Beyond the Veil2

Beyond the Veil

A more detailed account of how Burgs came to meditation and began to teach in England, is available in his book “Beyond the Veil”. Have a look in our bookstore to read the first chapter now.