11 April 2018

Message from Burgs, Mettathon and General News

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Hello Everyone,

I thought for this months blog I would give an update on what we have been up to at AOM recently and what plans we have in the pipeline for the rest of the year.

It has been a while since we had big gathering of our Sangha and next month we are all excited about getting together for a weekend to meditate and celebrate life together. Our 2018 Mettathon will be held at Sandon Hall and is happening over the weekend of 12th and 13th of May. I am really looking forward to having the chance to catch up with many you. It seems the only chance I get to see most of you these days is on retreat! So it will be great to get together in a more social and informal environment. That is not to say we are not going to do something very positive. Of course we are! The power of group meditation is extraordinary and in particular the power of group Loving Kindness. This is an amazing opportunity to both offer up your own most positive energy and to soak up and be nourished by that of others. Many people say they have felt powerful healing effects simply from being present while large numbers of people are meditating. Many of you now are experienced and accomplished practitioners. As we get together to practice Loving Kindness for 24 hours non stop I am sure the effects and benefits will be tremendous. I will be making a healing water using my alchemical gold medicine during the weekend which will be available to everyone to support their practice and healing process during the day and night.

We are inviting as many of you as wish to try to make the final part of the journey to the venue on foot and we will be sending out joining instructions in the next few days to all of you who are registered to attend. But please don’t feel obliged to walk to the venue…of course you are welcome to drive. But do let us know as soon as possible if you wish to come and if you are bringing friends. So we can plan the catering. There will be a free feast afterwards…and a small party.

We held our annual one month retreat in Northern Scotland last month. It was a remarkable and deep experience. I was very happy to see so many of you starting to enter into much deeper levels of meditation and for sustained periods. The feeling of community during the retreat was inspiring. And how wonderful that so many of you are wanting to do these longer retreats. The retreat was full and had to book two extra cottages to accommodate everyone. We even got snowed in, it was a proper jedi effort. I even heard reports of a couple of levitating yogis but I am still awaiting photographic evidence of this!

One of the themes that came up during the discourses was that of relationships and companionship on the spiritual path. The subject of joint practice with a partner is an very important topic as most of you are lay people and householders with partners and families. I have started to write a series of articles on this subject and this summer I will hold the first of a series of retreats and workshops specially designed for those of you who are practising within committed relationships. The first of these will be a gathering called “the Journey Shared” and we will look and the many factors that contribute to the making of a successful partnership in life and upon the spiritual path. Please contact me if you feel you may be interested to attend this or another of these workshops and I will send you more information. Please mail me at .

And the most exciting news of all is that after many months of hard work Katie has finally had all our planning applications approved for construction at our new retreat centre in the Pyrenees. This is a milestone in the history of AOM because it means that we can finally start building our long dreamed of retreat and community centre in the mountains. A huge hurrah to Katie ( and Louise) for all their hard work on this.

I am off to Bali immediately following our French retreat to set things up to start running our detox and healing retreats in Bali again after a break of a few years. We will be running private and intimate small group healing retreats for a maximum of 8 people at a time from June until October. I will also be hosting one or two special healing retreats for couples only in Bali in August. If you are interested to know more about these retreats please also email me directly on

During the summer break from retreats I am hoping to be able to start offering private consultations. There will be two options for this. You can either book a private one to one (or as a couple) consultation for half an hour or an hour, or you will be able to join a small group consultation with four people for an hour where you can discuss your personal meditation practice and ask for guidance and support with everything to do with you meditation. These groups will be themed (e.g newcomers, Vipassana, four elements, healing practice, concentration etc.) or you can request a themed consultation with a group you organise yourselves. I am putting together an email explaining exactly how these will work and how you can book onto one of these. Please email me if you would like to receive that information.

So these are a few of the things that are coming up in the weeks ahead.

I hope you are enjoying the material we are sharing from our recent retreats. And when you have time maybe take a look the new archive which is constantly being added to.(click here) We are trying to make the material as broad and interesting as possible. So keep checking in to see whats new.

See you all soon, with metta,


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