13 January 2015

Be Good to Each Other

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This year I will be running a year long programme on ‘Living Dhamma’. This will supplement our online meditation courses with teachings on conscious living and provide ethical guidelines which have historically accompanied a meditation practice.

It will provide teachings, reflections and contemplations on some of life’s most significant questions, and in doing so, help to put the extraordinary gift that meditation has to offer into a wider context. The goal is for this to become part of a more conscious, considerate and generous approach to life at every level.

The programme will look at how we develop our elaborate idea of ourselves, how we relate to others, the nature of relationships, parenting, responsibility, death and dying. We will investigate deeply what it is to be human, and what might be our function here on this earth. We will ask how we might start to contribute to the wellbeing of others and in doing so safeguard our own wellbeing, and we will look into the nature of some of our deepest longings and most moving experiences like love, compassion and appreciation.

The programme will also investigate the impact that a modern life might be having upon some of our deeper and subtler sensitivities, and how we can build for ourselves a strong and stable foundation from which to fearlessly open up to everything that life has to offer.

If you feel you would like to take such a journey with a group of like minded souls, we will be starting in a couple of weeks time.
Please register your interests with us at or stay tuned. Registration for this course will begin soon and cost £175 for the year for existing students of our online courses.

For now, here is a discourse to set the tone. Lets make 2015 the year in which we find the courage to honour our truth.

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