About The Art of Meditation

Why Choose The Art Of Meditation?

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We believe that meditation is not a science but a profound journey into the deepest aspects of what it is to be alive. One who masters their own mind moves joyfully through life and makes an art of just being.


Meditation is as much about the heart as the head, and the journey it takes us on is the most intimate voyage of discovery we will ever embark upon.


If you are interested in exploring your minds true potential and ready to begin the greatest adventure of your life, then welcome to the Art of Meditation. Your journey starts here.

We hope to stand beside you on the journey into meditation by:

  • Offering a comprehensive training programme through retreats, online courses, books, audio and much more.
  • A systematic and thorough training in meditation from the first steps and beyond.
  • Profound teachings made accessible for a Western audience
  • Helping you to develop an ethos of simplicity, contribution, generosity, virtue and balance inspiring and empowering a Give Back Generation.
  • This is far more than just mindfulness! To find out more, click here.

I have always felt very blessed to be accumulating and developing such an invaluable tool belt of skills. Though very rewarding to discover how far concentration and mindfulness goes, it has been when the bigger challenges of life come along that I notice a stability i didn’t have before.

Tim, Musician

I discovered an invaluable sense of stillness and calm [which] changed my life. And it could do the same to yours.

Anthony, writing in the Daily Telegraph

A wonderful journey of transformation. My advice to people who are contemplating going on a retreat with Burgs is: just do it.

Richard, Company Director