Beyond the Veil – Autobiography

Beyond the Veil (Autobiography)

Beyond the VeilThis is Burgs’ first book and tells of his adventures as a yogi in search of the authentic teachings that he now shares. This new edition contains three new chapters and more additional material.

Beyond the Veil is a stirring and inspiring account of a young man’s quest for meaning in a changing world, mixing honesty and personal testimony with the pithy transmission of deep spiritual principles and mechanics of meditation. It is an exploration of our latent capacity as humans, and a voyage of discovery into what it is to be alive. Leaving behind the hedonistic culture of the early 90′s, you will travel across Asia and beyond, meeting with some of the worlds most accomplished meditation teachers, seeing into their lives, teachings and wisdom.

The book functions as both tale and manual for beginners and seasoned aspirant alike, hinting at mysterious esoteric teachings, making them tangible and accessible without diluting their message. Gripping, thought-provoking and at times challenging, this book is for everyone, young and old, whose hearts long for inspiration and adventure, and to re-connect to that which we have almost forgotten…what it is to be human.

Beyond The Veil Table of Contents


1. It Was Just An Ordinary Night
2. Doing Time
3. Rex
4. Revel Without A Pause
5. Innocence Lost
6. Rite of Passage
7. India
8. Amongst Hermits And Gods
9. The Shaman’s Fire
10. Maha Guru; Maha Shaman
11. Dharma Brother
12. Through The Veil
13. Temples In The Mist
14. Stay Here And Meditate
15. Granddad
16. Sayadaw
17. Into the Forest
18. Friends In Hidden Spaces
19. Strive On Earnestly
20. Aspiration
21. Dodrupchen
22. Alchemy
23. Sister
24. Revisited
25. One Dharma
26. Go Forth

End Note



To all you brave souls out there who are reading this I have just one message for you and that’s: “Go for it!” Get out there and make your life everything that it was meant to be. Don’t sit there waiting for your stars to line up, and definitely don’t keep putting it off for later. Don’t be one of those folk with a bucket list a mile long while you watch the seasons come and go. Just do it.

This is your life and you have waited a long time for it. There are dreams in your heart that are waiting to be lived. Stand up and breathe some life into them, and do it even though you do not know where they will lead you. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you set off on the way.
There is no map that can tell us what even the simplest of journeys may entail once we actually set out. It can merely hint at the way. Only the testimony of those who have walked the road can tell us what we might expect to encounter upon it, and even then we will not know how it is, until we walk the road ourselves.

For some journeys a map may well suffice, but there are others of an entirely different kind, for which the call of the heart is the only pointer to the way. And even though we will need some guidance and navigation we will still have to find the courage to walk terrain that we have yet to chart for ourselves.

Some journeys we are cast upon against our will, others we may or may not choose. But there is one journey that calls out to all of us, and that is the one that leads us out of the lowlands of confusion, doubt and fear to the high-plains of freedom, trust and love. And though it has called to each one of us since we first arrived here upon this earth, many of us may never set out upon the way.

Many people ask me: ‘What was it Burgs, that called out to you so strongly to make you give up all that you had in search of something which you had no idea that you would find?’ In truth, I have asked myself that same question many times. In the end I stopped asking and came to accept that it doesn’t really matter what it is that calls to us, what matters is that we answer the call. The only thing I do know is that I had faith that if the way had been walked by others, in time it could be walked by me.

So here is my story. It is for those of you who honestly wish for more time, whose hearts long to walk the road home. Consider this; to gaze upon a landscape unspoiled by man, to see the light change and the mist rise at daybreak and feel the world wake from its sleep. To glimpse such a thing for an instant is enough to justify the nine months of becoming in the womb.

Oh, that you had any idea how rare and precious is this world and your human existence. Then you might savour each timeless moment as it is and not seek to consume yourselves with anything more than this. When a moment such as this is all the intoxication you will ever need, then you are ready for the knowledge that such a moment contains. In the gap, the silence, the space from which such beauty arises, is the truth your hearts yearn for. It is for you, who can taste in the wind what I speak of, that I write this book, in the hope that it may open your heart to the way.