In the press

In-demand teacher Guy Burgs (is) now recognised as one of the country’s leading experts in meditation… The classes were a revelation, like sitting down to a TED talk twice a day – a compelling mixture of psychology, science, philosophy, spiritual teachings and even stand-up comedy.

Florence Waters, The Saturday Telegraph

The biggest influence in my life… Burgs is by far the best (most accessible, accomplished, inspiring, talented) meditation teacher that I have encountered.

Annie Fabricant, The Huffington Post

Changed my life… Burgs has awakened me to a means or a process through which people from all walks of life, through the most simple of techniques, can find a sense of stillness and calm reflection that, to my very cluttered mind, could be invaluable.

Anthony Gordon Lennox, The Daily Telegraph

A brilliant meditation teacher

Caroline Sylge, The Times

It’s not an easy technique to learn and it really does take practice, but after a weekend group session with Burgs… I felt a sense of control and a surge of energy and optimism.

Ingrid Seward, The Daily Mail

That strong, calm, rested feeling you want comes from having what they call a clear energy field.

Jessica Brinton, The Times