Annual Mettathon

Annual Charity Event - TBC

Join us for our annual 24hr meditation fundraiser. All meditating friends and family welcome. Email us to register your attendance.

Registration will open once dates are confirmed
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Mettathon Timetable

Arrival Time – Anytime on the afternoon of TBC

24hr Meditation Starts – TBC

Meditation Ends – TBC

Sunday Lunch – TBC

Finish TBC

During the day we will be split into three groups. We will sit for 45 minutes and rest for 90mins. So there is loads of time to catch up and socialise. During the night we will sit for one hour and rest for two hours. The night time session will be in silence from 7pm till 7 am.
We will end with a sharing of merit and thanks giving ceremony on Sunday midday.
There will be a male and female dormitory to rest in whenever you need and a place to pitch tents if you wish to camp.
There will be a small party on Sunday afternoon and we will wrap up around 4 pm.
For those who aren’t familiar with lovingkindness meditation, there is a free downloadable track for you to practice with. Feel free to download this track. 
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Getting Involved

To register please email us and let us know you are coming. 

This event is open to anyone over the age of 18 with who has some basic meditation experience. So please bring your family and friends if they are interested. 

Registration will open once dates have been confirmed

There will be camping options in the park (please whatever you need) and also separate male and female dorms. Outside showers will be available and also toilets inside the main conservatory. 



We are looking for any volunteers who wish to help on the weekend, and also helpers in the kitchen would be great. We have a few chefs to do the main cooking, but we’ll need a team of choppers, washer-uppers and runners please!

Sharing Food

We will provide food for the friday night, and saturday night and also the sunday lunch main meal. Please bring food to share for breakfast and lunch on saturday. And if you wish to bring something to add to the lunch (salads and desserts) then please let us know. 

What if I can’t make it?

Ideally meeting as a group at Sandon Hall is the best option as you will be part of the collective field of positivity, and it will be a wonderful community event where many of Burgs students who have not met each other yet can come together as part of the group endeavour.

If you cant make the event you are welcome to run a small group at home and tune in, but we would recommend coming if you possibly can – it really is a wonderful event.

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Who are we supporting this year?

We have chosen to support the smaller orphanages of Myanmar (Burma) where there is not as much direct visible support for these children. These orphans for one reason or another have no home or family to provide for them and have been taken in by monks who school them in the basics of education and the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha). This is particularly an important service provided for by the monks as the children are vulnerable without this support.

We are also looking at supporting a charity that looks after the street children of cities in the West, specifically in Europe and possibly in the UK. More details on this very soon.

Raising Money

With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, we don’t have to look very far to see those that are suffering. Now more than ever do we need a field of positivity and love to share with family, friends and loved ones, along with those in need of support. 

This free event is an opportunity to come together and share a special moment together. We ask that everyone who can support this event, regardless whether you can attend or not, try and raise as much as they can, as every penny counts. 

What is the Mettathon?

In 2011 we organised our first charity event in an effort to support those in need of help. Our challenge was to support those that find it difficult to provide the basic requisites of life; namely those that are homeless, hungry and less fortunate than ourselves. We are supporting these causes because in the West generally most of us have our basic needs provided for and we have more than we need for our basic survival and support.

Although there are many organisations doing amazing work around the world supporting those who don’t have these basic requisites, however our chosen group that we wish to support do not necessarily receive so much support.

So a small group of us walked 100 miles across the english countryside, slept outside the whole time, fasted for 5 days, and finished with about 50 people sitting a 24hr continuous loving kindness meditation. We raised money for the homeless in the UK (Crisis), supported a school in Kenya setup for children with or affected by HIV, and also the orphans in Myanmar (Burma).

Last year in 2019 we had about 60 people meditate and raise over £10000 for the Orphans in Burma.

How does the 24hr meditation work?

The main event will run continuously from 12pm Saturday 18th May through to 12pm Sunday 19th May.

We will split everyone into groups, and then have rotating shifts so that we can keep our group energy up as much as possible throughout, whilst having enough time to rest during the event.

Sessions during the daytime will be shorter (around 30-40mins), and during the night sessions will be for an hour. 

On Friday night we will have session explaining the practice of lovingkindness and how it can help those around us. 

Be Part Of A Positive Field Of Merit

When: TBC

Where: Sandon Hall, Staffordshire

Arrival Time From: TBC

Meditation start time – TBC

Meditation finish time – TBC

Closing Lunch: TBC

Help Us Raise Money For Those In Need

All money raised will be given to charity.

Join us and help create a field of positivity that can be shared by all. 


Anyone who meditates is welcome to register for this event so bring your friends and family. 

Registration will open once dates are confirmed.

Getting to Sandon Hall

By Train – London to Stafford is 1hr 15mins on the fast train.

Driving from London takes about 3hrs.