04 December 2015

New Loving Kindness Meditation, Christmas Appeal and Christmas Blog

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Burgs has been working on a new album to be release in the new year. it will contain a collection of inspiring discourses and meditation mixed with great ambient music.

The first track to be released is a collaboration with the amazing guitarist Estas Tonne. Burgs has offered to gift all the revenue from this track to our Christmas appeal. At the end of every year, we give to a number of charities that we feel a connection to at the time. In particular, over the Christmas period we like to remember all those who are homeless, cold and hungry. This year we will be splitting our donations between the London based homeless charity Crisis and the Syrian refugee appeal.


Burgs has also written a blog called Putting the Sacred Back Into Christmas here is a excerpt below, you can read full blog by clicking the link below.

“So it’s going to be Christmas soon.

The other day I suddenly got that feeling of ‘ah Christmas is down the road’ And then I got a little nostalgic and started reflecting on how Christmas used to be when I was growing up. And then for a moment I felt a little blue, because I feel that Christmas isn’t what it used to be.

Although religion hasn’t appealed to everybody and perhaps some may feel we’ve moved on from it, what Christmas did do was ask us to reflect upon the importance of virtue and to put us in touch with an idea of something or a sense of something that is sacred. Even if we are not practicing Christians, and in spite of the commercialisation of Christmas, It always felt like a sacred time. A time to stop and take rest and gather with loved ones. Nothing deeply spiritual about it, but in the background something sacred.

It feels as if in our growing intoxication with individuality as we all look for our own personal belief system, and our own sense of personal expression, we lose something of our connectedness. We are all looking to explore our rights to be expressed, to have what we feel entitled to. In a world in which being seen is one of the most important driving forces in our lives, the notion of humility and virtue falls way down the list of principles we govern our lives by. Well it wasn’t so long ago when that would have been taken for granted that we would have been kind, generous, virtuous people. Whatever you think about religion the simple act of humbling yourself enough to kneel and put respect to something that you accept might have a higher understanding than you have, is one of the ways that we connect to the sacred. This connecting to the sacred is such an important part of keeping our heart open.”

Click here to read the rest of the blog



Once you have made a donation you will be re-directed to a download page where you can download your track.

Thank You to all who donate. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

From all of us at the AOM Team.

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