Go on retreat

Our retreats are much more than the ultimate break from a stressful daily life.  Many people find that exploring the true potential of the mind and body is one of the biggest adventures that they have ever had. Participants often testify that whilst these retreats are challenging, to sit one is one of the most rewarding things they have done.

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Burgs has hosted over 100 retreats for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners, ranging from 7 days – 5 months retreats for skilled mediators.

We believe the best way to learn meditation is to go away and learn in a supported environment.The Art of Meditation 7 Day Retreat is our full spectrum immersion course into the discipline, technique and energetics of meditative practice. Open to all, this is our signature retreat that people return to time and time again.

If you feel you’d like to just test the water then our Just Let Go Weekends are a perfect opportunity to come and meet Burgs and get an introduction to the teachings he offers. We also offer advanced retreats for those who wish to get serious about their meditation.


The retreats provide:


A continuity of intensive meditation practice in combination with dynamic chi kung and yoga in a supported environment enabling students to make swift progress towards lasting transformation.


A chance for a proper digital detox, time out from technology, a chance to unplug and plugin back in!


A break from the many distractions and responsibilities of daily life in a pristine environment, with great food and beautiful surroundings.


Profound teachings delivered in an accessible way.

"Burg's retreat changed my life."

(On retreat) my symptoms got 80 to 90 per cent better, and six months down the line, I meditate for 40 to 45 minutes every day and my symptoms go away. It’s anecdotal evidence, yes, but it’s difficult for me, as a scientist, to ignore it.

Dr John Simmons GP,
in the Daily Telegraph

Working with Burgs completely re-writes the rule books as far as traditional therapy is concerned. It allows one to reach beyond the conscious mind to effect healing. Here anything is possible.

Adrianna Irvine, MA MBACP Psychotherapist

You will never regret going on retreat with Burgs. Every time I come away with a deeper sense of awe and wonder, excited to engage in life again after what feels like a complete reboot, or the ultimate software upgrade for my whole being.

Lucy, 7 day Art of Meditation retreat