Audio Retreats on Donation

These retreats are led by assistants and senior students offered on donation
Level 1 AOM Retreat
Sandon Hall
Mostly Shared Rooms
Shared & Camping Available

15th – 22nd May 2020

Deposit £100
Suggested Donation £200 – £300

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Foundations in Vipassana
Sandon Hall
Mostly Shared Rooms
Shared & Camping Available

4th – 12th June 2020

Deposit £100
Suggested Donation £200 – £300

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Donation Retreat

Over the last decade AoM has been recording Burgs and the teachings he has been sharing with us. With so many now wanting to learn meditation it’s getting harder for Burgs to be able to host so many retreats. 

So the move has to be made to start running retreats using the recordings that we have, along with the experience of the assistants and senior students that have sat with Burgs over the last 20 years. 

The whole retreat will run on recordings with optional break out q&a sessions for those that need clarification and further guidance. 

With Burgs not being present, we have decided to offer these retreats on a donation only basis.

So we ask that you pay £100 deposit to confirm your place.

Beyond that, it is up to you to decide how much you would like to contribute to support your retreat. The suggested donations will help cover the venue hire and food costs.

Our suggested donation amounts are –

Camping – £200 (including deposit) 

Rooms in the House – £250 (including deposit)

If you have any questions then please do let us know. 

7day Level 1 Audio Retreat

15th – 22nd May 2020


Foundations in Vipassana Audio Retreat

4th – 12th June 2020


Who is it for?

Donation Retreat

Audio recordings

Assistants and Senior Students


House Rules

Silent Retreat

The level 1 retreat is open to anyone who wishes to learn to meditate.

The foundations in vipassana retreat is only open to those who have sat retreat with Burgs & The Art of Meditation already.

These retreats will be offered on a suggested donation amount for room and board. These donation will cover costs of venue hire and food during your retreat.

We ask that you pay £100 deposit to confirm your booking so that we may organise the retreat properly.

We will ask you to contribute something at the end of your retreat at your discretion if you so wish to give.

The suggested donation amounts are as follows;

Camping – £200
Rooms in House – £250

Over the past 10 years we have recorded all the retreats that Burgs has hosted.

Using these recordings we will select material with appropriate teachings which will gradually lead you through a process developing your meditation step-by-step.

Over the years, a core group of students and assistants have emerged. They are in regular contact with Burgs and have been selected by Burgs to act on his behalf.

This group will host these retreats.

They will regularly check in with participants sitting the retreat to ensure that everyone is clear about the instructions being given.

Below is a typical day on retreat.

The meditation sessions on retreat generally start at 20minutes, building up to 30 – 40 minutes.

Regular 20 minute breaks are given between sessions.

There are exercise sessions at least twice a day, along with a 2 hour lunch break to enjoy walking outside or to have a nice afternoon rest.

There will be regular opportunities to ask questions where necessary.

6.15am Wakeup
6.45am Morning Meditation (unguided)
7.30am Breakfast
8.30am Morning session (instructions for the day and meditations)
11.30am Exercise session (chi kung / yoga)
12.30pm Lunch
2.30pm Afternoon session (clarifying discourses and meditations)
5.30pm Exercise session (chi kung / yoga)
6.30pm Soup
7.30pm Evening Discourse and Meditation (generally of a motivational and inspirational nature)
8.30pm Bedtime

The basis for the successful practice of meditation is sīla (virtuous / moral conduct). It is extremely difficult to develop Strong Concentration (samadhi) and Insight / Wisdom (panna) while our mind is unrestrained and disorganised.

When the Buddha taught meditation he suggested that those hoping to make real progress adhere to a simple code of conduct that would support this endeavour. While on retreat we will likewise follow these same guidelines.

It is our aim to offer retreats which enable the student to develop and deepen their practice in the most supported environment possible. As such, each student is asked to observe a few simple rules so that they may get the most out of their time on retreat.

The basic tenets with which we ask you to follow are:

– To abstain from killing any living being.
All meals will be vegetarian during the week.

– To abstain from taking what is not given.
All basic requirements will be provided for during your stay such as food.

– To abstain from sexual activity.
Male and female students will have separate rooms for sleeping accommodation during the retreat.

– To abstain from untruthfulness.
Noble silence will be observed for 6 days of the retreat.

– To abstain from all intoxicants.
No smoking, alcohol or other drugs use will be permitted. Please inform us of any prescribed drugs you will be using whilst on retreat.

Noble Silence is a key aspects to your retreat. It is the foundation on which your meditation practice and progress will be built upon.

– It is a key part of this experience and will be maintained for 6 days of the retreat. The final afternoon on the last full day will be an opportunity to slowly start to come out of retreat mode.

– Although many people find the idea of remaining silent quite daunting at first, almost all find that it adds considerably to the whole experience of being on retreat.

– The main benefit of this practice is to allow the internal mindfulness of the student to develop over the week allowing them to be undistracted during their retreat.

– There will be opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification from the teacher or any of his assistants at appropriate times. It is not considered to be breaking your silence to seek clarification on what you are being asked to do.

Below are the various aspects of Noble Silence we ask you to follow:

Handing in Mobile Phones. All participants are asked to hand in their mobile phones at the start of the retreat (after supper on arrival day).

– To be secluded from your daily life for a whole week allows you to fully engage with the teachings being shared in an undistracted way.

– If there is a need to be contactable due to special circumstances such as family illness, then please use the emergency phone number provided. Please discuss this with an assistant upon arrival.

No talking to or distracting of other students. Many people find it hard to take time away from their busy lives to attend retreat. If you feel you are struggling with the silence then you can always speak to one of the assistants who can help you with this.

No reading. No note taking. No writing diaries or journals. You can make notes and write in your diaries once we have broken silence on day 6.

No physical contact with anyone is permitted as this disturbs all parties involved.

– Eye contact should be avoided within reason. Seeking to distract people while on your retreat is something that we advise against as this disturbs both you and the other person(s) involved.