Bali Fasting & Healing Retreats

Fasting & Rejuvenation Programmes

“My stay at the Retreat Bali was totally life changing.

The ultimate detox of body and mind, and the regeneration of the spirit” – Adrianne

Burgs developed the Retreat Bali and its healing programmes in 2005 to give you the opportunity to detoxify and rejuvenate body mind and  spirit at the deepest level. For everyone with the aspiration to reach an optimum level physical mental and spiritual wellbeing there comes a time when it is necessary to remove the layers of deep blockage and toxic load from the body.

Why do a Detox Retreat?

Our modern western lifestyle has sadly blessed us with nutritionally barren food, an over consumption of pharmaceuticals and antibiotics, intolerable mental stress levels, habits of excess alcohol, caffeine, smoking and recreational drug use; and an increasingly unbearable load of toxic electromagnetic fields.  Under this burden our body begins to degenerate and with it our mind’s capacity for clarity and insight,  and our heart’s connection to source.

Full and radiant health and vitality levels are something few can take for granted these days.  Rather it is something we aspire to.  The goal of the programs offered at The Retreat is to open the door to radiant health and high levels of energy by cleansing and revitalising the body’s various systems and thus allowing improved cellular integrity.

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The daily rate is $245 per night per person for single. There is a 15% discount for shared accommodation.

Price includes all treatments and onsite venue accommodation. Transfers to and from Denpasar airport and the retreat venue are included for stays over 7days or more.

Cost does not include flights and any other accommodation required in Bali during your visit.

Improve your physical health and you will improve your mental health, improve your mental health and you will improve your physical health.  Radiant health and abundant energy is the road to mental happiness, contentment and fitness.  If we raise up the vibration of the body we can release much of the physical emotional and mental load that oppresses the mind, and raise the vibration of your consciousness.

Human beings should be vital and abundantly full of life and creativity. Burgs’ detox retreat aims to get people back to this state of vibrancy. 

A typical stay at The Retreat Bali will focus on two aspects of re-establishing optimal health. Deep fasting and rejuvenation will be balanced according to an individuals existing needs and aspiration. This can be decided before your retreat with the Retreat facilitators, and adapted as you progress.

During your stay your program will be worked to suit your needs.

The daily rate is $245 per night per person for single. There is a 15% discount for shared accommodation.

Cost for B&B is $100 per person per night (no treatments included).

For stays of more than 10 days there is a discount of 10%.

The seafront villas can be either single or double occupancy (family member or friend). There is a 15% discount for both people for double occupancy.

Airport transfers are included in stays for 7 days or more.


There could be the possibility of extending your stay should you wish to fast for longer or have extra time to re-integrate. Please mention this in your initial email.

You can find out more detailed information on the programme here.

9 day Programme Breakdown

Why Detoxification and Fasting Are Important

The 6 Fundaments of Detoxification

Coconut water breakfast

Psyllium and bentonite bowel cleanse drink (three times a day)

Broth soup tea

Magnesium oxide bowel flush

9 days nutritional support, Javanese herbal medicine and probiotics

Six massages

Two reflexology sessions

Seven ozone therapy sessions

Ten Infra Red Sauna/trampoline and zen chi machine sessions

Ten biomagnetic therapy sessions

One liver flush

Three coffee enemas

One probiotic flush

One liver cleanse shake

Daily sessions including meditation, yoga and chi gung

Detoxification through fasting can be a first step on the road to happiness, health and vitality. First we work with the physical elements of the process, and then the energetic and spiritual components.

1. The pH Levels of the Body

When the body is too acidic, we create an environment where bacteria, parasites and fungus can thrive and multiply,. This can cause a toxic buildup within the body alongside a loss of cellular function. An important area of our programme is restoring correct pH and giving the body the optimum nutrients to kick start the process of detoxification and regeneration.

2. The Blood

The blood is a mirror of what’s going on in your body, mind and soul. Our holistic view of health and well-being understands that the correction of dysfunction in the blood terrain is a major factor in achieving optimal health. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body, and it’s ability to do this determines whether our cells are able to perform their many functions. If this transport network becomes compromised the whole body soon begins to degenerate. Therefore clean healthy and well-oxygenated blood is crucial to good health and proper body function.

3. The Bowel & Fasting
Bowel cleansing is one of the most important parts of detoxification. Much toxicity comes out of the large intestine, and sluggish functioning of this organ can rapidly produce general toxicity. The proper level of elimination of these toxins is essential to health. We all know what happens to a dustbin if it isn’t cleaned regularly, but how many of us even think about cleaning the bowel and digestive tract? Furthermore, a bowel loaded with toxic waste greatly compromises the ability of the body to absorb nutriment from our food. But when we fast, our body begins to go into detox mode, and it is vital that our rubbish removal system is working quickly and effectively, preventing the re-absorption of toxic waste into the blood stream.

4. The Liver
The liver is a major player in the detoxification progress. It is responsible for hundreds of vital processes within a healthy body. Along with the bowel it seems to be the organ we like to abuse the most! During the cleansing process your liver will take a rest from the everyday onslaught we subject it to, allowing deep cellular rejuvenation and cleansing to occur.

5. The Body’s Electromagnetic Field and Cellular function
European researchers have discovered that cellular function and communication is impaired by toxic electro-magnetic fields. By being in a naturally resonant environment with very little EMF pollution as well as using interventions of healthy magnetic fields, we can re-organise the body’s subtle energy, and improve cellular function and communication.

6. Our Energy Field and Consciousness
We may already know from our previous and existing practices about the impact of mental disturbances upon our physical body and our ability to connect to higher consciousness. As we purify the body we also need to continue to work through the emotional, mental and energetic disturbances, and release those hindrances that keep us from connecting to source. We use Chi Gung, Yoga, Bodywork, Reflexology Postural assessment and Meditation, as well as energy and consciousness medicines to help with this process, whilst re-tuning ourselves with the sacred energies that are very much alive and present on the island of Bali and which constantly support the work at the Retreat.
For thousands of years, in all manner of spiritual traditions, fasting has gone hand in hand with a deep longing for greater understanding and connection with the divine, and by aligning ourselves with the energies of Renunciation, Acceptance, Determination and Humility we can approach our healing journey in a way most likely to bring success for the benefit of all beings.

Golden Rock Retreat is located on the East part of the Indonesian island of Bali.

It is an innovative detox and healing centre hidden away on the north east tip of Bali. Our nine-day programmes are carefully planned so you can relax, unwind and experience the peace and tranquility of local Balinese life.

The four beach-front villas can sleep a maximum of two people in each. All with their own bathrooms, they are air-conditioned, a good collection of inspiring books, large balconies and a private meditation area.