Detox Fasting & Healing Retreats

Cleansing the Body, Energy & Mind

As we continue to ask more and more of ourselves in this modern age, it is increasingly necessary to stay fit and healthy to meet these demands. However an increasing number of us feel that we just aren’t getting the most from ourselves. One way to start reclaiming some of this potential back is to give the entire system of body and mind a complete overhaul: .

Welcome to Our Full Spectrum Detox Programme…

Why do a Detox Retreat?

We see so many people attending our meditation retreats and workshops feeling the stresses and strains of modern life. The rise in popularity of meditation is a sure sign of this. The pace of life we demand from our body and mind can leave some feeling exhausted and burned out where once we took life in our stride. It even sometimes leads to the feeling of being overwhelmed by life, unable to engage with even the most simplest of things.

Taking the time out to stop, clear the body of the various toxins which accumulate over a lifetime and then hit the reset button, can make all the difference in being able to gather the energy we need to perform well in our lives. Below you will see a number of therapies which Burgs has put together to help do just that.

Human beings should be vital and abundantly full of life and creativity. Burgs’ detox retreat aims to get people back to this state of vibrancy. 

Burgs' Deep Healing Programme

Burgs has spent many years investigating the supportive and hindering factors that determine whether we are healthy and happy, or not. His work with energy medicines and working with life threatening illnesses led him to establish a successful detox clinic in Indonesia more than 10 years ago.

Once the detox retreat is underway, you will have a daily group session working on the deeper energetic structures of the body. This will comprise of various chi kung and yoga exercises designed to work through and release any hindering or unhealthy energetic structures you may have.

The team will also be on hand to tailor your detox retreat programme specifically for you. Maybe you are working through an illness or chronic condition which requires some special focus? We can help target certain health conditions and try to help reduce their symptoms where possible.  

What will I be doing on retreat?

The primary goal of this detox retreat is to leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored. So the main thing is to just relax and unwind. Detox

  • Whilst you are with us, all you have to do is simply follow the instructions given.
  • Drinks and other health supplements will be provided by our team of assistants to take as part of your programme.
  • At set times you will be led to the various treatment rooms where you will be given simple instructions to follow. 
  • Use of the natural swimming pool is available when free.

It is common during a detox to feel exhausted and tired so you’ll be sleeping and resting alot. But we do suggest that you bring a few good books to read when you feel like lounging around in the sun, and possibly a laptop so that you can watch movies when you haven’t got the energy to do anything else.

Retreat Date:

Currently not scheduled in Europe

Alternative Venue: The Retreat Bali, Amed, Bali Indonesia

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The daily rate is $245 per night per person for single. There is a 15% discount for shared accommodation.

Price includes all treatments and onsite venue accommodation. Transfers to and from Denpasar airport and the retreat venue are included for stays of 7days or more.

Cost does not include flights and any other accommodation required in Bali during your visit.

Detox Programme Therapies

Fasting & Nutrition

Steam & Sauna

Ozone Treatment

PEMF / BioResonance

The core of the programme is focused on restoring the health of your gut and the resetting the digestive process. This is achieved gradually by refraining from consuming solid foods. As the body’s digestive system starts to take a break, it allows the accumulated toxins in the body to start releasing.

The number of fasting days depends on how long your detox retreat is, though we generally recommend a minimum of 4 days fasting.

During the fast we will provide you with carefully selected dietary supplements which will help cleanse your system, and support your body as your digestive system detoxifies. You will also be nourished with fresh vegetables and fruit prepared in a way that will support your detoxification process.

Towards the end of the retreat you will be given fresh salads and other raw food to help rejuvenate your body again.

The use of steam and sauna rooms goes back millennia. They are a wonderful way to relax while reducing anxiety and stress.

But the benefits go much further than simply relaxing. Other advantages include muscle relaxation, detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins, and even a healthy glowing skin through the cleansing of the skin pores.

You will have time allocated for a steam and sauna each day.

Ozone treatment is used in minimal doses to help clean and improve the quality of the blood. Various bacteria and fungi can reside in the blood in a more acidic environment which is low in oxygen saturation.

Once in the body, the ozone breaks down and makes contact with viruses and microbes along with diseased or deficient tissue cells. The body then becomes saturated with oxygen until it reaches a state of purity where diseased micro-organisms are killed and the underlying toxicity is oxidised and eliminated.

Oxygen therapy can boost the immune system, help normalise cell function, support circulation, improve digestion and give you more energy. Boosting your immune system can help you fight and prevent viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic disease in the future.

Part of the human body is electromagnetic. Science shows us that electrical impulses flow throughout the nervous system and brain, and cells communicate using tiny charges of electricity.

However there is much we are still discovering. What science can show us is that the human body responds differently to various frequencies.

Using very low frequencies applied to the body, we can stimulate the bodies innate healing capacity helping restore normal health. Research shows that low frequencies can reduce pain and stimulate cellular repair and much more.

The 'Digital' Detox

Part of the retreat environment we provide for your detox programme is an EMR (electromagnetic radiation) clear space. Things such as wireless networks and 4G networks create an ambient background field So that means that there won’t be any excessive man-made background EMR present.

That does mean that there won’t be any wireless internet available and mobile phone use is discouraged unless needed for emergencies. Giving your body a break from these wireless technologies is part of the detoxification you will go through whilst on retreat. Where possible you encourage you to spend and enjoy as much time outside as possible.

We believe that being in such a natural wireless technology-free environment contributes massively to well being and allows the bodies natural biorhythms to reset.