Dharma Camp Summer 2019

Join us for a summer of total immersion in nature and live the Dharma the ancient way. We will be using this time to explore higher consciousness through meditation and dream work.

This summer a core group of us will be camping and travelling across the South West of England in Cornwall and Devon. For the first few weeks we’ll get used to living and practising together on the road and our first open camp will be in Cornwall.

Anyone who has attended retreat is invited to come for a minimum of two nights stay. We ask you to write to us personally beforehand if you wish to join us and we will send you our location and joining instructions.

Please email us at summercamp ‘at’ theartofmeditation.org

Friends and family are welcome to join us if accompanied by you.

Burgs will be using these three weeks to develop an exploration of consciousness through meditation and dreaming work. As we connect more to nature whilst being outside for longer periods of time, particularly without technology, our consciousness opens up to new possibilities of healing and wisdom.

The main intention behind the whole project is to create an authentic environment in nature where we can live and practice according to the Dharma. We will maintain the five precepts throughout the camp but only uphold noble silence immediately around the main meditation tent. I hope we will create a suitable balance between social/ community atmosphere and an environment suitable to deep and rewarding practice.

There will be designated camping areas where you may pitch tents.

We will establish a main meditation space around which we will observe noble silence except during sharing sessions. I will give regular evening discourses in the open air at various locations close to the main camp.

During the time in Cornwall we will host two special focused weekends for healing dream work which you would need to book for through the normal channels. We will be developing the dream work throughout the course of our time in Cornwall. So please come and stay for longer than these workshops if you wish.

Friday 5th July – Sunday 7th July: Shamanic Dreaming and vision questing workshop.
Friday 19th July – Sunday 21st July: Shamanic Dreaming and vision questing workshop.

Retreat Dates: TBC

Duration: 3 weeks 

Level: Available to those who have been on retreats and workshops with us

Venue: Summer Dharma Camp

Price: £10/night camping. £3/lunch each day. 

For bookings or if you have questions: Please email summercamp ‘at’ theartofmeditation.org

Who is it for?

What's there to do?





Anyone who has been on our retreats or workshops can attend the summer camp for as long as they wish.
Minimum stay is 2nights.
Friends and family members are welcome to join them.

There are amazing walks around the park that we will be camping in.
Daily meditation sessions.
Burgs will give discourses every few days.

This event is sponsored by our supporters.

We are asking for a nominal contribution of £10 per person per day. This will help cover some of the overall costs of the camp setup.

If you would like to contribute towards the overall costs any further donations are gratefully received but not expected.

Food is not included in this price.

If you wish to attend both of the special weekends, we can offer a reduced rate for camping. please email us to find out more.

We will provide directions to and from the camp site.

Trains from London take about 4hrs 30mins to Liskeard and Bodmin Parkway.

Taxis are about a 20minute journey from train stations.

The kitchen will provide one meal a day at lunch time. A collection will be made each day to pay for the cooked meal of the day. £3/day.

Please bring any other food items and snacks you may want for the camp.

We are not able to cater for any complicated diets. Please let us know of any allergies so we can let you know if we can cater for these.

Local supermarkets about 15/20mins drive away.

Please note that the camp will be a vegetarian only site.

We have been allowed to host our Dharma Camp in some amazing locations this summer.

There are a few portaloo toilets and a couple of hot showers on site in Cornwall.

All people attending the camp are expected to be responsible for themselves at all times.

The venues we are using will have other events whilst we are there, so discretion and awareness of others is kindly asked.

We are very lucky to be hosting our Dharma Camp in some magical Cornish forests close to Bodmin and Liskeard. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of where we’ll be this summer…..

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