Shamanic Dreaming and Vision Questing

Special focused weekends during our Summer Dharma Camp. A mixture of dreaming and vision questing. Come and discover the real magic of Cornwall.

Bringing awareness and lucidity into our sleep time enriches a vital part of our life that is often lost to us in ignorance. These practices can give us access to profoundly deep levels of our mind and can help facilitate great healing within us. The few times we have engaged with this practice in the past it has always lead to some depth of insight about ourselves and an opportunity to start understanding what our unconscious mind has to say about where we are at in our lives. But this is not a dream interpretation retreat. We will be looking at what sleep and dreaming actually is and how to wake up within these states to access higher levels of consciousness and insight, meeting each other in dreams, along with lucid dreaming practice.

This work will focus on bringing awareness and lucidity to both the dream and deep sleep experience as a vehicle for insight, healing and transformation. We look at how we can start to open to higher and deeper states of consciousness once our meditative stability is established. We will be looking at various ways we can access our unconscious mind and the subtler realms of reality that lie just “Beyond the Veil” of our ordinary perception.

We will be camping in nature for the duration of the weekend and will do a special night of vision questing. 

A lot of people ask whether they are eligible for this retreat. They say things like “I don’t dream” or “I don’t remember my dreams”.

If you wish to join this retreat, don’t feel put off if you can’t remember your dreams. It is helpful if you have a meditation practice and have been on one of our retreats.

Some of the deepest healing we can get is through dream work. We have had a number of students who join these dream retreats and have deeply profound, meaningful experiences – whether they be fully lucid dreams or a deeper healing experience of some sort.

So much can happen on these retreats. And the best thing of all it mostly happens whilst we are sleeping, so we get to stay in bed for a lot of the time.

Retreat Dates:


Duration: 3 days

Arrival/Departure: You are welcome to camp for a few days before/after this weekend

Level: Available to those who have been on meditation retreat with us. Friends and family with some basic meditation experience welcome.

Venue: Summer Dharma Camp, Cornwall

Price: £120 including 2 nights camping and lunch. 

Email us with questions at summercamp ‘at’

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Who is it for?

A Typical Day



Meals During Retreat

We ask that you have sat at least one 7day retreat with Burgs already.

Friends and family are welcome to join but we do ask that they have some meditation experience.

No experience with either dream yoga, analysis, lucid dreaming or even meditation is necessary. We will be looking into the whole area of how bringing more understanding and awareness into our dream life can enrich many areas of our waking life.

We spend up to a third of our lives asleep. It is a big part of our experience and one I believe we should seek more understanding of.

I hope this encourages some of you who have been thinking about it to come along. Its always great fun.

There will be group sharing / dream analysis sessions in the morning.

Afternoons will be used to prepare for the nights work. Various meditation and yogic practices to help connect and tune into the unconscious part of our mind.

The real work is done at night during sleep. Various techniques will be shared on how to encourage dream recall, as well as guidance on how to start exploring the various states of consciousness that we experience (but might not necessarily remember) every night. Lucid dreaming techniques are also used.

The costs for retreat is £120 per person all inclusive.

We will be camping for the weekend so please bring all that you need to be comfortable. We will send you more details upon confirmed booking.

The deposit is non-refundable.

During the camp there will be one meal provided each day. There will be a collection for this each day.

You are welcome to arrive earlier in the week and camp, or stay on for a few days after the weekend finishes.

Camping costs included for the weekend. you can arrive early or stay a few days for normal camp costs.

Donation for Teachings:

If you wish, you are welcome to leave Burgs a donation for his teachings.


Please let us know as soon as you can if you aren’t able to attend. We will be limiting the number of places available, so the more time we have to fill your place the better.

We will provide directions to and from the camp site.

There is a local train station about 15/20min taxi journey away.

One simple vegetarian meal will be provided. Please let us know of any allergies you might have during the booking process. We will do our best to cater for this. We are not able to cater for any complicated diets.

A collection will be made each day to pay for the cooked meal of the day.

Please bring any other food items and snacks you may want for the camp.

Local supermarkets about 15/20mins drive away.

Please note that the camp will be a vegetarian only site.