Winter Long Retreats

For Those Interested in Deepening Their Practice - Currently No Date Planned
Having taken the time out to learn meditation properly on retreat, and once we have some kind of home practice established, many ask us what’s next. If committed to your practice and willing to take longer periods of time out from daily life, then the answer could be to come on a personal retreat or a winter long retreat.

The venues we use for our retreats are a great opportunity for extended periods of practice. That natural ambience and environment of the surrounding nature helps the practitioner settle and find inspiration. It allows the student to really immerse themselves deeply in their practice.

This will appeal to those of you who are gaining confidence in your meditation and seek the opportunity to go away for longer periods of undisturbed time.

Students can seek guidance from Burgs during their stay with the interviews offered at certain times, either within a group or individual. 

Winter Long Retreat Dates

Currently No Dates Planned

Arrival / Departure: These are scheduled arrival and departure days.

Duration: 3 week or 6 week options

Accommodation: Twin and Single rooms available

Price: Please email us for further details.

All costs will include food and accommodation.

Teachings are always offered on donation at the end of your retreat at your discretion. 


Who is it for?

House Rules


Longer retreats are an incredible opportunity to deeply catch up with yourself and practice in an undistracted yet supported environment.

Outside of the fixed meal times you are left to find your own way. There will be timetable which you can follow along with everyone else, but you are also free to respond to your needs as you get more connected to your own rhythm with your practice.

There won’t be any distractions for you whilst on retreat. So this does mean no technology except on rest days (once a week to catch up with friends and family).

If you have specific questions about how we run our longer retreats please email us.

This retreat is the entry point for everyone who wishes to further deepen their meditation practice.

Applicants should have sat at least two AoM Level 1 Foundation retreats and one foundations in vipassana retreat with Burgs before applying. A regular home practice is a must.

A duration of 2 weeks or over will be considered by Burgs and appropriate advice given depending on your level of experience.

Please do contact us if this is something that really calls out to you.

Please email us for all long retreat enquiries.

The timetable on long-retreat can be unstructured at times and students learn a great deal about themselves whilst adjusting to this way of practice. Applicants should feel that they are willing to meditating outside of a wholly supported formal retreat scenario.

Guidance from the teacher can be made available during group sessions. Specific guidance given when necessary.

The basis for the successful practice of meditation is sīla (moral conduct). It is extremely difficult to develop strong concentration (samadhi) and Insight (panna), while our mind is unrestrained and disorganised. When the Buddha taught meditation he suggested that those hoping to make real progress adhere to a simple code of conduct that supports their endeavours. While on retreat we will likewise follow these same guidelines.

It is our aim to offer retreats which enable the student to develop and deepen their practice in the most supported environment possible. As such, each student is asked to observe a few simple rules so that they may get the most out of their time on retreat.

Noble Silence is one of these rules. On longer retreats we allow some relaxed talking for those who wish to at a specified time once a day.
– It is a key part of this experience and will be maintained for 6 full days of the retreat. The final afternoon on the last full day will be an opportunity to slowly start to come out of retreat mode.
– Although many people find the idea of remaining silent quite daunting at first, almost all find that it adds considerably to the whole experience of being on retreat.
– The main aim of this practice is to allow the internal mindfulness of the student to develop over the week allowing them to be undistracted during their retreat.
– There will of course be opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification from the teacher or any of his assistants at appropriate times.

Below are the various aspects of Noble Silence we ask you to follow:

– Handing in Mobile Phones. All participants are asked to hand in their mobile phones at the start of the retreat (after supper on arrival day). To be secluded from your daily life for a period of time allows you to fully engage with the teachings being shared.
– If there is a need to be contactable due to special circumstances such as family illness etc. then an emergency phone number can be provided. Please discuss this with the assistant upon arrival.
– No talking to or distracting of other students. Many people find it hard to take time away from busy lives to do retreat. If you feel you are struggling with the silence then you can always speak to one of the assistants who can help you with this.
– No reading or writing of diaries/journals is permitted during the 6 days of noble silence. You can make notes and write in your diaries once we have broken silence on day 6.
– No physical contact with anyone is permitted as this disturbs all parties involved.
– Eye contact should be avoided within reason. Seeking to distract people while on your retreat is something that we advise against as this disturbs both you and the other person(s) involved.

The basic tenets with which we follow to setup a conducive environment for you to learn meditation are as follows:

– To abstain from killing any living being – all meals will be vegetarian during the week.
– To abstain from taking what is not given – all basic requirements will be provided for during your stay such as food.
– To abstain from sexual activity – male and female students will have separate rooms for sleeping accommodation during the retreat.
– To abstain from untruthfulness – noble silence will be observed for 6 days of the retreat.
– To abstain from all intoxicants – no smoking, alcohol or other drug use will be permitted. Please inform us of any prescribed drugs you will be using whilst on retreat (during booking process).

Weekends are used to clean the house and communal areas, as well as doing general chores around the property. One day is left free so you can go for mountain walks and relax as you wish.

The costs for retreat are broken into two parts:
1. Covering the costs for your food and board.
2. Donation to Burgs for the teachings he shares (this amount is given at your discretion).

The venues we use have a range of rooms. Some may be shared en suite, others single rooms (limited availability). Dorm rooms may also be available dependant on the venue.

Please email us for all prices.

A deposit of £300 is required to confirm your booking on this retreat. Without this we can not guarantee your place on retreat.

Please note that single rooms will be prioritised to those who are sick and working with an illness. Again please enquire during booking process. Please note these are very limited.

Donation to Burgs is not included in these costs are made before you leave at your discretion.