Online Retreat Booking

Loving Kindness 5th - 7th March 2021

How to book a place on retreat

To book a place on our next Online Retreat we ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your place.

The registration amount is £25.

Once you provide your name and email address below, you will be directed to a PayPal screen to pay for the retreat. If this does not work for some reason, please email us and let us know. 

Once you have successfully paid, we will send you an email just before the retreat start with more details.


The retreat starts on Friday evening at 7.15pm

The Saturday session starts at 8.15am and runs until approx 5pm

The Sunday session starts at 8.15am and runs until approx 5pm.


Please note that there a few guidelines that we ask you to follow if you choose to join these online retreats:

-These teachings are a personal exchange between you and the teacher, Burgs. We ask that you follow the instructions carefully as best as you can.
-We ask that you do not share these teachings with friends and loved ones. If you feel that a friend or family member might benefit from this programme, then please pass them the details of this course so that they can decide to join if they wish.
-All of the material will be presented online during the course. Some of this material will be made available for a period of time after the live sessions. 
-We ask that you please do not download or save any material from the weekend. Burgs will offer appropriate instructions and material after the retreat so that you can review the teachings at a later date and continue your practice.
-These teachings are offered on donation and are freely given to those that join. Your support will help Burgs continue to offer his teachings to all those interested.
Thank you.

    Online Retreat Booking

    Below are a few FAQ’s that might answer your questions…


    Can I join the retreat if I live in another time zone / country?

    All our welcome to join the retreat. We have many students from all over the world joining us. Those that live in different time zones may choose to join the retreat ‘live’ or follow the retreat during their own daytime hours. The live material will be available for a few days so that they can catch up if necessary.


    Can I re-watch the video teachings after the retreat?

    The videos will generally be available for 2 or 3 days after the retreat finishes. So you can use this time to review the material. After this time they will be removed. Some material might well be edited and made available at a later date.


    I have joined late and do not know how to join the retreat?

    The first session on Friday night will be a public YouTube video, open to all, so that any latecomers can receive the initial instructions whilst they get enrolled. 


    How can I ask questions during the retreat?

    Questions can be typed out in the dedicated telegram group we have setup for the retreat, and also in the YouTube live chat during the retreat sessions.