Rite of Passage Weekend

Dharma Camp Summer 2019 - 19th - 21st July 2019

For those seasoned meditators who want to explore the transition into spiritual maturity. 

This is not a typical Rites of Passage workshop but will focus on our Rite of Passage out of Spiritual adolescence and into Maturity.

We will explore the questions of what it is to be a yogi living a life committed to service and the welfare of others at a group rather than individual level.

We will explore how we might shed some of our egoic layers of self to ascend to the state of becoming a fully functional human being capable of contributing at a group level.

We will explore both shamanic and yogic practices that are designed to bring us face to face with our limiting attitudes and ideas and open the doorway to our Spiritual “Rite of passage”.

Part of this work will be done as a single group and part of it split into male and female groups.
On the first night we will hold an all night fire circle with a continuous meditation. Participants will be asked to join the circle and hold the space at regular intervals throughout the night.
On the second night we will split into male and female groups and head into the forest in small groups of 4 to do the Four Directions vision quest. This work will be done outside and without shelter around small fires that each group will be responsible for.
During the day we will gather at times as a single group and at times split into male and female groups.
Please bring your own ground sheet to sleep on during the night out as we will not be pitchinnng tents.
Because of the physically demanding nature of this work we are setting an under 45 years age limit.

Retreat Dates: TBC

Duration: 3 days

Arrival: TBC

Level: Participants must have sat at least two 7day retreats with Burgs.

Venue: TBC

Price: TBC

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Meals During Retreat

We ask that you have sat at least one 7day retreat with Burgs already.

Maximum age of participants is 45 years old.

The costs for retreat is £150 per person.

We will be camping for the weekend so please bring all that you need to be comfortable. We will send you more details upon confirmed booking.

The deposit is non-refundable.

During the camp there will be one meal provided each day. There will be a collection for this each day.

You are welcome to arrive earlier in the week and camp, or stay on for a few days after the weekend finishes.

Camping costs £10/night.

Donation for Teachings:

If you wish, you are welcome to leave Burgs a donation for his teachings.


Please let us know as soon as you can if you aren’t able to attend. We will be limiting the number of places available, so the more time we have to fill your place the better.

We will provide directions to and from the camp site.

There is a local train station about 15/20min taxi journey away.

One simple vegetarian meal will be provided. Please let us know of any allergies you might have during the booking process. We will do our best to cater for this. We are not able to cater for any complicated diets.

A collection will be made each day to pay for the cooked meal of the day.

Please bring any other food items and snacks you may want for the camp.

Local supermarkets about 15/20mins drive away.

Please note that the camp will be a vegetarian only site.