Special London Weekend – An Urban Retreat

Supported by Advaya Initiative

A rare and special opportunity to experience the life-changing, perspective shifting and heart opening teachings of Burgs in London.

This special weekend will give you a taste of the healing benefits of meditation and give you an introduction to the teachings that Burgs offers on his signature 7 day foundation retreats.

Burgs’ dynamic “Just Let Go” weekends are an amazing opportunity to dial into your own powerful healing intelligence and give your whole system a total reboot. 

The teachings will be fun whilst being deeply rewarding and healing, and will include a mixture of sitting meditation and dynamic chi kung movement. There is no need for any previous knowledge of either meditation or chi kung.

The Saturday will run as a normal workshop day, with the content focused on meditation and its healing potential.

The Sunday will focus more on the practice of Loving Kindness, compassion and appreciation, whilst the talks will focus more on what Burgs calls “The Give Back Generation”

If you have any further questions about the weekend then please do email us

Our ability to experience and express love is a reflection of how open we are to life, both its extraordinary wonder and its many challenges. In this introductory workshop Burgs will explore with us the importance of loving kindness, appreciation and gratitude and genuine compassion, in the process of realising and living to our true potential.

Through the combination of careful instruction, deep reflection and the gradual maturing of our own insight we learn how these states emerge and come to maturity naturally within us when we are fully open to life as it is, and that their absence or our difficulty in experiencing them is only the result of the negative attitudes and conditioning that block us.

We will also explore the relationship between our lower mind and and higher mind ( or true nature); the innate state of pure awareness and the boundless love that lies in the deepest part of our heart.

When, Where and What to Bring

Arrival Time: 10am for a 10.30am start each day

Finish Time: Around 4.30 – 5pm each day

Location: The workshops are held in Shorditch, London at
42 Acres
66 Leonard Street

Travel: The closest train station is Old Street (Northern Line & Great Northern Line)

There are many local buses that also service the local area.

Parking in London is very difficult and expensive so it is suggested to travel via London transport.

Attendance: We ask that you attend both days of the workshop to get the most benefit from the teachings.
But if you prefer you can attend for one day. Priority will be given to those attending both days.

Your Weekend: As it is deep healing work, we suggest that you plan a quiet, easy Saturday evening to allow you to process the day’s work and get the most out of the Sunday.

Food: There are local cafes and restaurants to find lunch a short distance away. Alternatively you can bring your own lunch to eat in the hall during the lunch break. A selection of tea’s and biscuits will be available during the breaks.

Cost: Deposit is £40 to confirm your booking. Total price is £140 (including deposit).

Remaining Cost to be paid upon arrival in cash or cheque. We can not accept credit/debit cards.

This is a non-refundable deposit, but can be transferred to another of our retreats within six months of your initial selected retreat date.

Concessionary Rates:

We do try and support those who really are in financial difficulty and are unable to commit to the full suggested donation amount for shared accommodation. If you feel you qualify for this, then please email us about this during the booking process.


Please note deposits are generally non-refundable (under special circumstances we will refund you at our discretion). You can cancel anytime up to 4 weeks before the retreat starts and we will refund you. Cancellation within 4 weeks of the event may mean a cancellation charge is applicable, but we will do our best to refund you.

Weekend Workshop Dates:


Arrival Time: 10am for a 10.30am start

Finish Time: 4.30/5pm each day

Duration: 2 days ( Non-Residential )

Who is it for?: Under 40’s (No experience necessary)

Venue: 42 Acres, Shoreditch, London

Deposit: £40 to confirm booking

Weekend Price: £140 (incl. deposit)
One Day Price: £90 

Register now

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42_Acres_Shoreditch Located in a quiet spot surrounded by the hustle and bustle of London is a great location for our weekend. [visit 42 Acres Shoreditch website]

Inspired by the tranquil, woodland surroundings of our 42 Acres Somerset retreat, this space provides a calm, nature infused haven for those wanting to retreat, recharge, and reconnect to the world in a more balanced, purposeful way.