Starting out?

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Take the Stillness Challenge…

We challenge you to enter into as still a state as you can!

Have a go by listening to this guided meditation recording opposite.


Learning to connect to stillness is like pushing the reset button on your computer. It allows your system to reorganise and come back into a coherent state. Meditation is the single most effective way to reliably bring the mind back into a state of balance and maintain it in its optimal state.


If you enjoyed the Stillness Challenge, then why not try attending one of our 7 DAY ‘ART OF MEDITATION’ retreats. We believe the best way to learn meditation is to give yourself the space to go away and learn it properly, undistracted from the demands of our modern lives. Whilst learning to meditate you will experience what it is to really be with yourself, spend time surrounded by beautiful nature and find the rest that most of us sorely need.

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If you can’t or aren’t able to find the time to join us on retreat, why not get stuck into one of our ONLINE MEDITATION COURSES? Designed for those who are seeking to learn to meditate for a more balanced, calm and engaged approach to life, it will take you through the basics of meditation practice and lead you to better mental fitness, and health, whilst helping you establish a solid home practice.

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I had been meditating for most of my adult life and had no idea that I had been missing the point. On my first day on retreat with Burgs, the whole world of meditation started to come alive in the most amazing way…Suddenly after all that time I started to see why people would have been doing this for centuries. This changes everything.

Marcel, Property developer

To be taught by Burgs is a truly awesome experience. It’s not just his profound wisdom and guidance, but the way his teaching is delivered, with unflinching honesty, patience, humour and humility.

Kate, School Teacher

Whether on retreat or on-line, Burgs’ teachings are the most skilful and approachable method to learning the Art of Meditation I have come across. Learning with Burgs is a complete game changer. Try it and see.

Rajan, Chi Kung Teacher