The Art of Concentration: Towards Samadhi

14th - 22nd April 2018

An opportunity for those committed to meditation practice to develop their concentration in a peaceful and supportive environment.

This retreat provides the opportunity for students already practicing with Burgs to further develop their Samatha meditation practice. It is available to those who have sat at least two retreats in the last two years and one Vipassana retreat.

Samadhi is the Pali and Sanskrit word for the state of total absorption. It is the deepest level of concentration we can reach and the doorway to the higher states of consciousness and insight that remain hidden to us in our ordinary distracted state of mind. As such it is the real basis from which all investigation of the deepest truths that are governing our lives is undertaken. Until we reach that state of Samadhi all efforts to understand the true nature of things will stand upon the need to formulate views and ideas, because we simply are unable to pay sufficient attention to really see for ourselves.

Even though the practice of Samadhi fits into the “Samatha” or serenity aspect of meditation, it is the doorway to real insight itself. “Right Concentration” is one of the eight branches on the Buddha’s noble path and it is this state of absorption concentration that he was pointing at. It is also what he meant when he talked about “purification of mind”, because it is the most refined conditioned state of consciousness we will ever experience prior to path knowledge that takes the Unconditioned as its object.

Meditation Retreat Date: NO DATE SCHEDULED

Duration: 8days

Level: Should have sat retreat with Burgs for at least two years, including attendance of two 7day retreats and a Vipassana retreat.

Venue: Dhamma Vihara, France

Price: £300-350 shared room and board. 
Limited availability for single rooms.
Teachings are offered on donation.

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To say that we practice ‘Samadhi Meditation’ in the initial stages is perhaps misleading. The work towards real Samadhi is a serious undertaking that for many will require years of ongoing practice and sustained effort. On this retreat Burgs introduces you to the mechanics by which we develop gradually towards these sublime states and helps to lay the groundwork for the ongoing work. Here we will unite the insight we have previously established in our Vipassana practice with the gradual training in Samatha Meditation, or Absorption concentration (what we call Jhana) that opens the door to the profound experience of the unified state of Samadhi. The instructions given on this retreat start with the introduction to non dual awareness as an aspect of mindfulness and then goes on to the development of deep concentration and insight, bringing the yogi into an ever deeper experience of the basic ground of being itself.

Who Is It For?

Typical Schedule



Meals During Retreat

Open to any who has sat retreat with Burgs before. Generally we would expect you to have completed at least 2 7day Foundation retreats and a vipassana with retreat with Burgs, as well as having a reasonable established home practice.

This retreat will follow a similar schedule to the last few vipassana retreats.

There will be an early morning session before breakfast.

A morning session which will include a discourse and exercise along with a 2hr uninterrupted session.

After lunch there will be an uninterrupted session along with a discourse or q&a sessions.

Interviews with Burgs to discuss your practice in small groups will be available during the retreat.

The costs for retreat are broken into two parts:

1. Covering the costs for your food and board.
2. Donation to Burgs for the teachings he shares (this amount is given at your discretion).

The venue has a range of rooms which mostly all en suite. These include single rooms (limited availability), twin share rooms and 3 or 4 person shared rooms.

Hermitage fixed price £700
Single room en suite fixed price £650
Single room shared bathroom fixed price £600
Shared room en suite fixed price £400
Dorm shared bathroom £350

Camping £250 (bring your own equipment – may not be available – please enquire during booking process)

A deposit of £100 is required to confirm your booking on this retreat. Without this we can not guarantee your place on retreat.

This is a non-refundable deposit, but can be transferred to another of our retreats within six months of your initial selected retreat date.

Please note that single rooms will be prioritised to those who are sick and working with an illness. Again please enquire during booking process.

Also note that all of the costs for food and accommodation go to the venue.

Travel Cost:

Please note that there is a (approx £35) transfer fee to cover costs. The charge will cover both pick-up and drop-off journey.

Donation for Teachings:

Since Burgs started to teach meditation in Asia, he has always offered teachings on dana (donation basis). You will be invited to make a donation to the teacher at the end of the retreat (anonymously if you so wish). This is a way of expressing our gratitude for the teachings that we have received, and a way to support both the teacher and the teachings so that they can carry on being offered to others. It is an important part of the retreat to take time to reflect on your experience whilst on retreat, and you are invited to make your own reflections on the value of what you have learned and so give accordingly.

Concessionary Rates:

We do try and support those who really are in financial difficulty and are unable to commit to the full suggested donation amount for shared accommodation. If you feel you qualify for this, then please email us about this during the booking process. Please note we would normally ask concessionary rates to attend retreats in the UK and not France.


You can cancel anytime up to 4 weeks before the retreat starts, If you decide to cancel less than 4 weeks before the retreat you may incur a cancellation fee, but this will be dependant on whether we are able to fill your place on retreat and is left to our discretion.

Please note that single rooms will be prioritised to those who are sick and working with an illness. Again please enquire during booking process.

We will provide a pick-up and drop off from Perpignan train station / airport for those arriving and leaving at the start and end of the retreat.

Otherwise you must make your way to Arles-sur-Tech and from there we will pick you up at a specified time. Please plan your further journey times accordingly to coincide with our scheduled arrival and departure times, unless you are driving a car.

Please ask us for seasonal travel options as we’ll know what the best route is depending on the time of year.

All meals will be vegetarian prepared.

Please let us know of any allergies you might have during the booking process. We will do our best to cater for these.

Retreat Venue

Dhamma Vihara, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

04 Main buildingDhamma Vihara is a small but spacious hamlet situated on the  South facing slope of the Massif of Mount Canigou, in France, not far from the  Spanish border.

Surrounded by natural forest, the retreat centre is a stone and wood group of ancient  buildings, carefully restored and renovated.

Inside the property’s boundaries one can find an ancient stone circle (Cromlech) and adventurous trails between enormous boulders and ageless Oaks. Dhamma Vihara is only a stone’s throw from the famous GR10 National Trail, the Pyrenees track connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean (a two months walk!).