22 March 2020

Love Vs Virus

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Dear Friends,

For this months blog I want to introduce everyone to our new group endeavour called Love Vs Virus. The aim is to get as many people as possible doing lovingkindness meditation to build up as strong a field of positivity as we can through this challenging period. We will be meditating daily at 10am and 7.15pm.

We have decided to use YouTube to host daily live feeds with Burgs offering support, encouragement and advice on how to build a positive response to the unfolding situation.

Here is last nights video. If you like please subscribe to our channel and join us for our daily meditations at 10am and 7.30pm. Here you will find the guided meditations along with the videos of the livestreams and also some inspirational pieces as supplementary material.

We also have a Telegram group for announcements about livestreams and general updates for the Youtube channel and there is a community support chat also on Telegram where feedback and questions for Burgs can be posted.

Please join us to spread the love not the virus. Hope to see you tune in with us,

With Boundless Metta.


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