Level 3: Advanced Healing & Subtle Body Meditation Practice

Advanced Body Parts and the Subtle Body

This 16 week course is a supplement and support to our Level 3 Retreat and includes the meditation practices that are taught on it. The aim of this course is to consolidate and deepen our developing awareness of the subtle material systems and energetics of the body and mind. 

The course will begin with a further deepening of our concentration to prepare the mind to make the transition from the perception of the gross material field to the subtle material field. Building from Level 2, we will continue to investigate the more subtle structures of the physical body, learning to stably perceive aspects of the body like the nervous system and endocrine system which will naturally lead us into our investigation of the chakras and eventually the sense bases and the karma produced material structures of the body. 

We will work deeply within the chakras to clear accumulated charge within them and bring us slowly and more completely into our being. Through this process we also repair and revive the deeper aspects of our capacity to feel which will allow us to enter into an ever-deepening and complete state of being. From there we will move on and learn to perceive clearly and meditate on the sense bases and learn to be with the deep karmic impressions held within our unconscious mind. Meditating upon the perception of the feelings that arise within our experience in this way will form the basis of our deepening equanimity. This is the real Art of Meditation and will allow us to stably and reliably keep our mind clear and bright in the daily life and prepare us for deeper levels of Vipassana practice.

This course is only available to those who have completed the Level 1 & 2 retreats and online courses we run.

Advanced Healing & Subtle Body Meditation Practice Syllabus:

Step 1: The Endocrine System: Mediation upon the direct perception of the Lymphatic System and the Glands. 

Step 2: The Nervous System: Meditation upon the direct perception of the Brain, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Step 3: Entering the Subtle Material Field of reality: Developing direct perception of the subtle material realm is a major milestone in real meditative development. Normally this is the point at which individuals tend to lean upon visualization and imagination to fill the gaps in their real perception. Genuine perception of the subtle field depends upon sufficiently developed and stable concentration.

Step 4: The Chakra System: Meditation in the chakras and developing awareness of the way consciousness is distributed through the chakra system and how different types of consciousness corresponds to the different chakras.

Step 5: The Sense Bases, Materiality Produced by Karma: Meditation on the base of the senses, learning to perceive directly this materiality produced by karma. these are the most subtle aspects of our energetic makeup where much of our past conditioning is stored as energy within the body. Learning to discern directly these subtle elements that are produced by karma allows us to begin to directly release layers of our Karmic conditioning and the suffering this produces.

Step 6: Developing confidence in discerning the gross and the subtle to skillfully identify where our blockages are: This aspect of the practice is one that will continue to mature throughout your meditation career as your concentration deepens. As this happens we gradually gain access to deeper and deeper layers of blocked and dysfunctional energy that might be conditioning us at mental and emotional levels. Thus these meditations serve both to deepen our capacity for self-healing and also mental purification within the context of our vipassana practice.

Type: Online Course Level 3


Duration : 16 Week Course

Requirements : We ask that students have completed the Level 0, 1 & 2 online courses, along with having sat retreat with Burgs on at least 3 vipassana retreats, 3 foundation level 1 retreats and a level 2 retreat. 

Suggested Commitment : A daily practice where possible

Price: £150 ( or 4x £40 monthly subscription )

Please note the ‘Register Now’ button below will take you to our dedicated online course website which will require you to register a new account.
There will be a short delay in accessing this course whilst we verify that you qualify to join this course. Immediate refunds will be given to those who do not meet the requirements.

Single Payment


Monthly Subscription (payment over 4 months)


How does it work?

Why do it?

Who is it for?

What is expected from you?

The course is delivered in weekly lessons, the content of which will be made up of some or all of the following:

1. A guided meditation for the week with all the instructions you need. It is recommended to download this so you can practice offline.

2. Supplementary discourses explaining the techniques being taught are available to listen to online.

3. Supplementary discourses covering various adjunct aspects of meditation are available to listen to online.

4. Supplementary reading material from the Flavour of Liberation ( these chapters are provided as part of the course on the website).

You will be able to engage in whatever way suits you. Be it just learning from the guided meditation instructions each week or exploring in more detail with all the supplementary material.

As with all our online courses, you will be supported every step of the way. You will have a login to a dedicated course website where you will access the material. You can also seek personal guidance from the teacher at any time through emails if you should need further clarification at any stage of the way.

Our capacity to feel deeply and our ability to perceive the subtle aspects of reality are not only a source of continuous inspiration as we journey deep into our being but our ability to meditate in these structures gives us access to profound levels of healing. By learning to develop real equanimity in our meditation we are able to maintain a deeper and more reliable degree of energetic coherence in our daily life which in turn feeds back to an ever-increasing sense of connection to life and a deepening sense of wonder, love and gratitude.

This course is only available to those who have completed the Level 1 Retreat and Foundation Online Course, and also the Level 2 Retreat and Intermediate Online Course.

Our recommendation is that for best results to practice each meditation at least 4 – 5 times a week. It really is like going to the gym. The more regular your practice, the fitter your mind will become and the more you will feel the benefit from your efforts.

The meditations will average between 30 – 40 minutes.

If your time is limited, all of the relevant instructions are included in the guided meditation. The supplementary discourses and reading material are optional.