Foundations in Healing

Starts Early 2016

Have you been on retreat with us or have you completed one of our online courses already? This 12 week structured course works systematically taking you through a deeper healing process in your meditation. 

This course investigates the connection between the mind and the body and the process by which we heal the body by releasing the negative habit patterns of the mind and bad reactions from the memory. It covers the practice of healing meditation that Burgs teaches on his 7 day retreats and follows on from the Art of Breathing.

Type : Online course

Start Date : Early 2016

Duration : 12 weeks

Level : Intermediate

Suggested Commitment : 25/40mins meditations, 5/6 times a week

Price: TBA

Please note that we will be launching a new online course programme later next month. Please come back for more information just before Christmas. Thank you.

What will you learn?

Who is it for?

Why do it?

How does it work?

This course works systematically through the various aspects of the Four Elements meditation and the basic Body Parts meditation practice. It seeks to develop deeper and more stable concentration and mindfulness, while exploring the energetics of the process that is going on in the background while we practice meditation.

You will learn:
1. The Four Elements meditation as both a healing and serenity practice.
2. The Body/Mind Interface and the way that past conditions produce present effects in both the body and the mind.
3. How to ‘Let Go’ the bad reactions in the memory and negative habit patterns in the mind.
4. How we clear accumulated negative charge and energy patterns from the body to bring about healing at the deepest level.
5. The difference between using wisdom energy and compassion to bring about healing.

Those who have completed the Art of Breathing online course or have sat a 7 day meditation retreat.

This is probably the most powerful single aspect of meditation that Burgs teaches and the practice that opens the door to all the higher practices that he offers. It explores how we might manage our own energy more intelligently to produce a more stable basis for both body and mind.

Each week you will receive new discourses and instructions, as well as guided meditations that you can download (which range from 15mins to 40mins as we progress through the course).

As with all our online courses, you are supported at every step of the way. You will have a log-in to a dedicated section of the website where you can access the course material and share comments with other course participants. You can also seek personal guidance from the teacher if you should need further clarification at any stage.

Further reading is suggested. Relevant sections of Burg’s book “The Flavour of Liberation” will be available for free on the course website. You may wish to buy this book if you would like to put the relevant sections into their wider context and refer to the full comprehensive guide of meditation.

The Mirror That Reflects Perfectly
  1. 1. The Mirror That Reflects Perfectly
  2. 2. The Fast Track to Happiness