Give Back Generation Programme

Inspiring you to a Life of Contribution

The Give Back Generation 12-month Programme is about helping you connect to and develop your true potential. All of us have  hidden talents and abilities and it is important that we find ways to fulfil them and put them to the most constructive use we can.  The Give Back Generation Programme is here to help you say thank you for life, by giving back in your own unique way. 

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Who is it for?

How does it work?

Why do it? / What you'll learn

This course is designed for both meditators and non meditators alike.

The course is designed to help you develop the qualities within ourselves that make us a more functional, compassionate, caring individual, and will support and encourage you to discover your own unique contribution to life.

As part of the course we will help you connect to your own vital and creative energy and learn how to maintain an optimal level of well-being across a number of areas.

The suggested commitment to the course is 1-3 hours a fortnight. Individual meditation practice will be encouraged and supported along side this course.

Every 2 weeks you will receive a lesson via an email bundle and access to a dedicated page on our course website. The bundle will be made up of a mix of written lessons and articles to read and reflect upon, audio recordings to listen to, exercises to engage with in your own time and supplementary and bonus meditations to help support your ongoing meditation practice if you have one.

You may engage as much or as little as you like and can tailor your participation with the course in line with your ongoing daily commitments.

Each participant will be assigned a mentor, and every two weeks there will be a conference call with the mentor and other members of your group to review the lessons, ask questions and share reflections.

Throughout the year there will be occasional optional meet ups as well as a summer camp and end of year retreat, none of which are requirements for joining the course, but are offered to support you and help build the sense of community within the group.

1. Gain a better understanding of yourself and how take proper care of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

2. Transform limiting habit patterns and conditioning into positive attitudes and energy.

3. Discover your sense of higher purpose as you explore you own ways of benefiting others.

4. Explore genuine and viable solutions to many of the dilemmas and challenges we face in our search for personal meaning and contentment.

5. Be part of a group of individuals who are passionate about life and determined to make it all that it can be.

Type: Online Course

Course Started: TBC

Duration : TBc

Suitable For : Everybody

Price: TBC

The course will adopt a three pillar approach:

Pillar 1. Self-development

  • Refinement of character and development of wholesome attitude. The purpose of this part of the course is to help you transition from a self-orientated perspective to a more altruistic attitude to life. There will be exercises and reflections to help you develop more wholesome qualities including patience, determination, vitality, generosity and virtue. There will also be guidance on how to let go of more unwholesome qualities like anger, jealousy, laziness, greed and pride.
  • Mental training. This will feature guided meditations to develop your mental fitness including concentration, awareness and insight. This will build a more stable and harmonious mind as well as showing you how your mind functions and why you feel, think and behave the way you do
  • Physical and energetic development. You will be taught how to open up the body’s energy potential and realign yourself into a more coherent and functional state. This will also include guidance on diet, use of technology and your relationship with the natural environment to draw vitality and inspiration. As you develop yourself energetically, you increase your capacity to do great things you aspire to do but currently lack the tenacity and resources. By investing in your own well-being, you swiftly find that you have more to give back.

Pillar 2. Community building

It is through the shared experience that a sense of community emerges. Through course meet ups and sharing ideas and experiences you will form connections and support and inspire each other in our efforts become part of the change.

Pillar 3. Project initiation 

Part of the purpose of the course is to encourage you to engage in your own individual projects, community endeavours or small acts of generosity and kindness that start to make a difference to others. You will come together to initiate and arrange such projects (both big and small) that create opportunities to give back. One of the functions of the Give Back Generation will be to help match peoples willingness to give, with projects in need of support, as well as encouraging the creation of new initiatives.

This online course comprises a series of exercises, practices and lessons published fortnightly, to help us actually develop the qualities we begin to aspire to as our insight matures and we start to look for a deeper connection to life and others. As such, it is a balanced mixture between learning and self development/cultivation. The course will be supplemented with optional meet-ups, weekend workshops and events (including a summer camp in France), to help develop the sense of community amongst the participants.

We will look at the key themes that determine how we transform the tendency to fold inwards into a limited approach to life rooted in personal need and desires, into an more expansive, positive, and altruistic attitude rooted in a deep inner sense of connectedness to each other and all life. The aspiration to contribute, give back and share naturally becomes the heart’s deepest longing as this connection matures within us. By regenerating our connection to the sacred in life, we naturally find ourselves looking for ways to make a difference.

This is the very bedrock and ground for the emergence of true compassion. We are not prompted to act out of anger or dismay, but by a profound longing to see life expressed in its highest possible potential as our vision and understanding of how that could be gradually comes to life.

As a participant you will be assigned to smaller groups within the whole and you will each have your own mentor to encourage and help you through the programme. 

From the programme will emerge a sense of community and shared aspiration, to empower each of us upon our journey. As well as the course modules of teachings, lessons, exercises and practices, we will be encouraging you all to investigate as individuals and groups how to actually become The Give Back Generation.