Internal Alchemy

60 Day Online Challenge with Burgs

In light of having to cancel our 5 month winter residential retreat this year I have decided to take the opportunity to turn the restrictions imposed upon us all by Covid-19 to offer this unique programme for the very first time in a live and fully guided online format.

This will make these rare and precious teachings available to a far wider audience than I am normally able to offer them to. Please take a few minutes to watch and read the full outline below, and if it calls to you I am delighted to invite you to join.

Watch a brief explanation introducing this new programme.

Please note that this is NOT designed only for healing purposes. It is a rigorous program that will require ongoing focus from those of you truly committed to exploring and developing your spiritual and yogic potential.

If you are struggling with ill health or psychological challenges I have a wide range of supportive practices on offer on YouTube and on my website to help you with this.

The aim of the Internal Alchemy program is to guide those of you who are in reasonably good shape yet know you are not getting the best out of yourself, in the art and discipline of energetic and meditative cultivation.

Learn more details about the course.

The 60 Day Challenge will start with the Internal Alchemy Weekend Retreat. The main exercises will be taught in detail during this weekend.

The retreat will begin Friday 20th November and finish On Sunday evening the 22nd November.

There after I will be giving Live Update sessions 3 times a week via zoom and or YouTube. During these live classes you will be given step by step detailed guidance in how to develop your ability and capacity with the Internal Alchemy practices.

The weekend retreat will introduce you to three aspects of the practice:

  1. Energetic cultivation as a doorway to spiritual practice. Deep transformative breath-work and chi kung exercises to open up and condition the nervous system and energy systems of the body.
  2. Physical conditioning to strengthen the nerves, facias and connective tissues and make the body and channels supple and conductive to higher levels of energy.
  3. Basic Internal Alchemy Meditation on the subtle energy gates and channels to open up the pathways of spiritual energy within the body.

Over and above this, during the weekly live classes we will further explore and develop these exercises as well as three more aspects which will form the basis of the second weekend retreat in January:

  1. Mental and emotional reconditioning to release negative patterns and habits and develop positive attitude and disciplines towards practice and life. Exploring the discipline of deep spiritual work.
  2. Meditative cultivation in deep states of concentration serenity focus and attention within the subtle body.
  3. Exploring beyond the veil. Learning techniques by which to access higher states of yogic consciousness and insight beyond the gross physical. Including deep meditation breath and dream practices to open to our full spiritual potential.

Conditions for our Online Retreats

Over the past year since Covid-19 came into our lives, Burgs has been offering a number of retreats and teachings online. 

Please note that there are a number of conditions and guidelines that we ask you to follow if you choose to subscribe to these retreats –

  1. These are teachings are a personal exchange between you and the teacher Burgs. We ask that you follow the instructions carefully as best as you can.
  2. We ask that you do not share these teachings with anyone. If you feel that a friend or family member might benefit from this programme then please pass them on the details of this course so that they can decide to join for themselves.
  3. All of the material will be presented online during the course. Some of this material will be made available for a period of time after the live sessions. Some of the material will only be presented live. Please do not download or save any material that we have not made available. Burgs will offer appropriate instructions and material for download so that you can follow guidance outside of the session times.
  4. These teachings are offered on donation and are freely given to those that join. Your support will help Burgs continue to offer his teachings to all those interested.

Starting Date – Friday 20th November 2020

Initial Joining Fee – £25

Ongoing Donation – Once the course starts, it will run on a donation basis. You will be invited to make a discretionary contribution each fortnight.

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To complete your registration please send an email to with the following information :

Name / Age / Sex / Email Address 

To subscribe to this course you declare the following –

That you do not suffer from any medical or psychological conditions and are fit and healthy. If you are over 45yrs old you do not have any pre-existing mental or physical conditions.


Please be aware that this is deep and transformative work. Because of the rigorous nature of some of the work we are doing and the fact that you will be doing this at home rather than present with me in person, I have decided to limit some of the classes and exercises to those under the age of 45 or for those who have worked with me for at least 2 years and attended a minimum of 2 residential retreats.

If you are under 45 and have no history of physical ailments or mental / psychological conditions you can register directly.

If this course is not suitable for some of you at this time, please note that Burgs will be running a number of classes on healing meditation and energy work over the winter also.