Journey Shared – One Year Course on Relationships

Relationships Course

A one year programme on relationship and partnerships. The purpose of the course it to integrate everything we have learned about ourselves on our path into what surely is one of the most important aspects of all our lives; namely our desire to share our journey with a partner.

Some Topics To Be Covered During Course

To give you an idea of some of the content of the course, without giving too much of the game away, here are some (and only some) of the subjects we will explore:
  • Turning chemistry and connection into companionship and partnership: Team building
  • Expressing and sharing personal needs
  • Defining the relationship and each partners’ expectations.
  • Love and relationship as an act of generosity: What have I got to give?
  • Communication: More relationships are destroyed by misunderstanding than lack of connection.
  • Recognising blockages within the joint energy system and exploring how they can be resolved: Maintaining and opening the flow of energy.
  • Safety, security and fidelity. How does each of us define these?
  • Chemistry: exploring sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual chemistry.
  • Emotional fulfilment. Can you make each other happy. What can you and what can you not provide your partner?
  • Understanding each others make up and what makes us tick.
  • Openness and honesty as a flow of energy.
  • Soulmates, companions or lovers? How do you define your relationship?
  • Recognising the stage of your relationship and the developmental phases it is likely to go through. Being open to change and redefining your connection.
  • Sharing energy brings people together. How do we relate to intimacy?
  • Sacred Sexuality. Intimate partnership as a doorway to the sacred.
  • What do we feel we can we share? What can we not?
  • Recognising where each of us is at in our evolution and spiritual path.
  • Understanding where you are different. Allowing differences to add depth and not obstacvles ot a relationship.
  • Conflict resolution as a pathway to growth: overcoming difficulties disagreements and even breakdown of a relationship. Seeing your challenges and your teacher
  • Learning from your mistakes.
  • Humility and pride within a relationship.
  • These are only a few of the topics we will explore.

Course Structure

The course will run as follows:

1. There will be a 6 week trial period which will run from September until December. Your deposit of £150 will cover this trial period.

This is so that you can get a more in-depth feel as to what the course is going to offer. This also gives me the opportunity to fine tune the course according to the group that will participate for the whole year.

2. If you wish to continue with the course for the rest of the year the cost is £350 per person ( £700 per couple). For those that are single the further cost will be £400.

3. There are 3 weekend workshops will cost £250 for all three or £100 each if you do not wish to attend all of them. We will endeavour to arrange at least one of them in London. The others will probably be at Cowdray Hall (in Midhurst, West Sussex) which is where we host our Just let Go weekends.

It has become increasingly obvious to me that many of us have made great progress in befriending ourselves better and yet we remain far from accomplished in our ability to relate and share our path with another at the highest level we might be capable of. Since relationships are such a core part of most of our lives it feels vital to me to offer this course in the hope it will help us to bring the very best of ourselves in our loving relationships with others. The course will cover many key aspects of what make relationships flourish and how we can avoid the pitfalls into which they so easily fall.

The Buddha teaches us almost entirely within the context of being individuals working for our individual liberation, and yet almost all of the people who are learning and practicing Dharma as householders are doing so within relationships, and if they are not, they hold on to the aspiration that one day they might be. In truth I haven’t ignored it. I remember some years ago during a long retreat period in Ibiza opening up the subject amongst the group and at that time starting to formulate the notion of presenting a course on how we might evolve our approach, attitude and the way that we engage within relationships to reflect the truths and insights that come to us through our practice.

It is a broad and deep subject and there is no doubt that we can learn things and find ways to develop as human beings within a relationship, that we may well not be able to do on our own. I would argue that to succeed in long-term partnership and reach our highest capacity for fulfilment and happiness is probably one of the greatest challenges and achievements we will ever have in our lives. Indeed, the very fact that almost all of us harbour inside a deep longing to share our journey in this life makes it surely an area worthy of the serious consideration and investigation.

What is more the fact that so many of us try and fail to manifest our inner hopes and dreams within this regard only serves to emphasise how much we might still be capable of learning. I see no shortage of people who have learned to master their individual lives and flourish therein, and yet remain little short of inept when it comes to being in a partnership. Indeed I count myself as one of those people. It is the area of our lives capable of bringing the richest rewards and the most unbearable misery. Life itself comes briefly to an end if we stop pairing and it degenerates quickly when the quality of the way we bond as partners degenerates. There is so much richness to be discovered within a relationship that is grounded in love, respect and common aspirations. And there is so much suffering that comes from getting it wrong.

Type: Online Course

Start Date : Currently Running in 2019

Duration : 12 months including an initial 6 week trial

Suitable For : Anyone who has sat with Burgs for 7days

Deposit: £150/ person (contributes towards full cost of course)

Course Partner Price: £500 per person if joining as a couple [Total £1000]

Course Single Price: £550

Weekend workshops (optional): An additional £250 for 3 weekends OR £100 per weekend (per person)

Do I Have To Be In A Relationship To Participate?

The answer is no, but I will say this; the course is designed for you to look individually at how you might carefully and sensitively bring down the barriers within you to entering into a fully developed and evolved relationship with another.

If you do wish to participate in this course as a single person you are most welcome to do so. But I would encourage you to revisit it if and when you find yourself in a relationship. I would also add that I strongly dissuade you from trying to persuade your partner to do this course with you if they do not feel inclined. I also do not recommend that you load or burden a young relationship that is still in its exciting and heady early stages. The magic and heady rush of the early stages of love are best allowed all the spontaneity they can be given.

The work we will be doing here essentially splits into two main categories.
  • How can I as an individual become a person better able to bring joy and happiness and fulfilment to another within a relationship?
  • And how can we as a couple learn to cooperate, co-exist and grow together as a team in a way that truly brings out the very best of who we both are?

Have no doubt that this is challenging work and it will take maturity to engage with fully. We will be looking at every level at which we might connect. From the purely sexual, to the emotional, mental and spiritual. We will investigate the nature of resonance and discordance. How areas of openness and blockage often define relationships. We will learn to identify the nature of the relationship we are in so that we can have realistic aspirations and expectations for it. We will learn how to give AND how to receive. We will learn how to take our challenges as opportunities for growth and how to reach a place where our partner can become our perfect teacher. We will explore various levels of intimacy and trust. And we will investigate the role that relationships may play in bringing us closer to a more appropriate and contributory life as humans in this extraordinary time of change.

Before you decide whether to engage in this programme, either as a couple or as an individual, I would add these comments. If you feel you are with a partner who may not be as open to this as you, please be sure to reflect sensibly about whether it is appropriate for you to do it together. It might be something that you yourself can learn much from without your partner necessarily feeling the need at this time.

But whatever you do, if you do this course as an individual, do not make any efforts to then share and pass on the content to your partner. One of the surest ways to rob a relationship of its magic is for one party to assume the position of being any teacher or mentor to the other. If and when your partner feels ready, then you can return to the course together. I hope none of you will see it in terms of what you can teach your partner but what you can learn about yourself and each other.