Living Dharma One Year Programme

Waking Up in a Modern World

Burgs will be re-running the ‘Living Dhamma’ year long programme. This is a supplement to both our online meditation courses and retreats, which will contain teachings on conscious living and provide ethical guidelines which have historically accompanied a meditation practice. This course provides guidance and teachings to those who wish to take their practice off the cushion and into daily life.

This course will provide deeply profound teachings, reflections and contemplations on some of life’s most significant questions, and in doing so, help to put the extraordinary gift that meditation has to offer into a wider context of our daily life. The course aims to help us engage with life in a more conscious, considerate and generous way. It will cover many interesting topics including:

  • How the Unconscious Impacts Our Lives.
  • Death and the Dying Process. How to Approach it Consciously, and What Happens When We Die.
  • Learning to be with Grief
  • The Spiritual Responsibilities of Parenting
  • The Nature of Relationships and Unconditional Love
  • Understanding Our Impact Upon the World.
  • The Role of Service.
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • The Difference between Acountability, Duty, Service and Merit.
  • The Rite of Passage – the Process of Becoming Spiritually Mature
  • How the Idea of Self Evolves and Conditions Our Lives.
  • How Karma Functions.
  • Connecting to the Sacred
The programme will also investigate the impact that a modern life might be having upon some of our deeper and subtler sensitivities, and how we can build for ourselves a strong and stable foundation from which to fearlessly open up to everything that life has to offer.
If you feel you would like to take such a journey with a group of like minded souls, please join us now.


Type : Online Course

Course Started : TBC

Duration : TBC

Suitable For : Everyone

This course does not contain guided meditation instructionsPlease see our other courses for structured support in learning to meditate.

Total Price: TBC