Your Journey with AOM



We get many requests from people with differing levels of experience of meditation asking how best they should start out if the wish to learn meditation with Burgs and the Art of Meditation. Below you will hopefully find some answers to your questions…

Are you totally new to meditation?

Looking for a more Balanced Way of Life?

Already tried some meditation?

You know it helps but you know there’s more to learn…

Know what you’re doing?

Want to Explore the Mind’s Deeper Potential?

Meditation For A More Balanced Way of Life

There are effectively two ways to learn and practice meditation with The Art of Meditation and Burgs. Burgs is an exceptional meditation teacher and shares these teachings in a very easy to understand way. You can read more about him here. 

Our first goal, is to make basic meditation practices and guidance for wholesome and healthy living available to anyone who is:

– interested in getting started as a total beginner,

-or who may have some experience but has not been taught or trained in a systematic way.

For those of you who wish simply to integrate meditation and mindfulness practice into your daily life as a tool to help maintain better mental, emotional and energetic health there are two ways to learn, and they can be combined as you wish.

You can either learn by following one of our online courses starting with either the Stillness Program which is designed for complete beginners, or the Art of Breathing programme which is designed for those with some experience who wish to learn more systematically and in-depth.

Please see our Learn online pages for more details. A new round of courses start every season.


You can also join one of our intensive 7 day ‘Art of Meditation’ retreats where you can not only learn in a supportive environment but also benefit from the extraordinary healing and transformative experience that a retreat provides. Take the time to read some of the testimonies from people who have attended our retreat which are dotted throughout the website, or see our Going on retreat pages for more details.

Why Do So Many Keep Coming Back On Retreat?

Many people come on retreat with us and over the last five years we have seen a large increase in attendance for our retreats. So much so that we have now moved to a larger venue which can cater for a larger group. And many of these students come back and sit our ‘Art of Meditation’ 7day retreat again and again over a long period of time.

But why do people keep coming back?

Burgs tailors each retreat to the group that joins us each time, focusing on a particular thread of the teachings and practice. So no two retreats are ever the same. There is so much breadth and depth of teachings to share that even seasoned students learn something new on retreat each time they come.

Over time, as a student commits to their practice at home and attends retreats regularly (once or twice a year), they gradually start to build a more complete picture of the field of meditation and the potential it has to offer.

And even though we offer retreats for more experienced and enthusiastic students, this basic practice and teachings that Burgs shares on these 7 day retreats is where the core work is done. Continually working the foundation of ones practice builds deeper and deeper levels of meditative stability.

Meditation is such a vast field of endeavour; like learning to play a musical instrument, one could take a lifetime to get to a point where you would say you have completed your training and mastered your chosen instrument. And even then you would know deep down that there is always room for more exploration to be done, more for you to learn.

Such is the way with learning to play the instrument that is your mind. Take the time to look after and care for your mind and your whole being. Through gradual practice and patience, a whole new world will start to open before you to explore and enjoy.

For Those Wishing To Explore The Mind's Deeper Potential

The second way you can approach learning with The Art of Meditation, is as a practitioner who is committed to following the complete, systematic path to awakening.

Burgs’ teachings in their entirety offer an unprecedented opportunity for lay practitioners to follow the complete and gradual path to awakening through meditation training, daily conduct and energetic cultivation, combining in stages the advanced practices of both serenity ( samatha ) and vipassana ( insight ) meditation along with the direct teachings of Dzogchen that unite both of these two paths.

This is a path and practice that takes many years, even a whole lifetime, and to embark upon such a path it is first necessary to find a teacher who we believe wholeheartedly can teach and guide us in a way that connects and resonates with us at a personal level. This is a personal thing and each of us may have to spend some time before we find someone who we wish to put confidence in as our main or root teacher.

Burgs is both a talented teacher and accomplished practitioner with years of intensive training under the personal guidance of some of the world greatest living masters. He has been teaching meditation for nearly twenty years now and although he is still relatively young, many people have found his approach extremely accessible yet profound and deeply transformative.

It is usually the case that confidence is gained gradually through experience of working with a teacher until the point of conviction arises in us that we wish to commit ourselves to advanced spiritual training. It is at this point that we would take refuge in the teacher and the Dhamma itself as a path of practice.

The advanced work that Burgs offers is an exchange between teacher and student that goes on gradually and systematically over many years. There are now a large number of people practicing this way as lay people in England and around the world under Burg’s guidance.

As is normally the case with deep and transformative teachings and practices there are a number of preliminary practices to work though in preparation for such higher work. We now have a dedicated retreat centre in the French Pyrenees where individuals can go and do longer retreat and advanced practice under guidance from Burgs.

In this way you will learn gradually both advanced Samatha and Vipassana practices as well as the integration and transformation of these approaches into the direct path to awakening itself.

The preliminary requirement for anyone wishing to do advanced supported self retreat are:
– that you have sat at least one foundation retreat with AOM
– and have or are following the Living Dhamma one year course which together provide the preliminary teachings and practices in the three branches of practice; namely conduct ( sila ) mental training ( samadhi ) and insight ( panna ).

Anyone seriously interested in either beginning or continuing more advanced practice should contact us directly with their request.