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Here is a guided meditation which you can follow to get you started. It was recorded live on retreat with a group of students.

It’s a brief guide to setting up your meditation practice to settle the mind allowing you to abide in a state of natural rest.


We have put together a number of online courses which help you to learn meditation in a systematic way at home. These are great for those who are preparing to coming on retreat with us, but equally as supportive fort those that can not attend a retreat.

Find out more about these online courses here.

Retreat Discourses

Recorded live on retreats

In the following discourse Burgs talks about finding the space to enjoy the things we like doing in our lives. This may mean doing less, but enjoying more.

Virtue is what lays the ground for a fortunate life. Having this as the basis of our life, whilst being generous and kind to those around us, allows us to flourish.

Here Burgs talks about the difference in our life experience when we are either coherent and incoherent. We can not just make ourselves happy; we are happy as a by-product of how coherent we become.

Burgs briefly explains that the Dhamma is a living principle that is expressing itself in everything around us all the time.

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