Mettathon 2018

24 Hour Loving Kindness Meditation Marathon

Join us for our 24hr meditation marathon. Starting lunchtime Saturday 12th May – Sunday 13th May. Email us to register your attendance.

A Message From Burgs

Hi everyone.

It has been a while since we had big gathering of our Sangha and next month we are all excited about getting together for a weekend to meditate and celebrate life together. Our 2018 Mettathon will be held at Sandon Hall and is happening over the weekend of 12th and 13th of May. I am really looking forward to having the chance to catch up with many you. It seems the only chance I get to see most of you these days is on retreat! So it will be great to get together in a more social and informal environment. That is not to say we are not going to do something very positive. Of course we are! The power of group meditation is extraordinary and in particular the power of group Loving Kindness. This is an amazing opportunity to both offer up your own most positive energy and to soak up and be nourished by that of others. Many people say they have felt powerful healing effects simply from being present while large numbers of people are meditating. Many of you now are experienced and accomplished practitioners. As we get together to practice Loving Kindness for 24 hours non stop I am sure the effects and benefits will be tremendous. I will be making a healing water using my alchemical gold medicine during the weekend which will be available to everyone to support their practice and healing process during the day and night.

We are inviting as many of you as wish to try to make the final part of the journey to the venue on foot and we will be sending out joining instructions in the next few days to all of you who are registered to attend. But please don’t feel obliged to walk to the venue…of course you are welcome to drive. But do let us know as soon as possible if you wish to come and if you are bringing friends. So we can plan the catering. There will be a free feast afterwards…and a small party.

Below is a guided loving kindness meditation for you to follow. We will be practicing loving kindness for at least half of every session. The rest of the time you can do your own meditation.

Trains from London are only 90 minutes. Please do not be put off by the journey. We don’t get many opportunities to gather like this and do something so wholly positive. So please do join us for the weekend if you are free.

With much love


How To Get Involved

What to do and how to do it?

Please email us if you wish to register. If you do wish to come below is a guided meditation for you to follow. 

Email to Register Now

If you would like to join us then please download and listen to the guided meditation. Getting some practice in over the coming weeks will help you develop your practice and confidence in participating in our endeavour.

How is it going to work? 

The event will run over 24hrs from lunchtime on Saturday until lunchtime on Sunday. 
There will be some soup for the evening meal on Saturday, and a finishing lunch where we will celebrate the end of the event which will be prepared by volunteers. We ask that you bring some food to share on Saturday if you want to have lunch and also bring some snacks for breakfast.

During the day we will be in three groups. We will sit for 45 minutes and rest for 90mins. So there is loads of time to catch up and socialise. During the night we will sit for one hour and rest for two hours. The night time session will be in silence from 7pm till 7 am. It will also be an excellent opportunity for all you avid dreamers and lucid dreamers to practice group dream work.

Burgs will set up a group intention at the beginning of the event and we will carry it with us until the end at lunchtime on Sunday. We will end with a sharing of merit and thanks giving ceremony on Sunday midday.

There will be a male and female dormitory to rest in whenever you need and a place to pitch tents if you wish to camp.

Please feel free to bring all your meditation buddies. There will be a small party on Sunday afternoon and we will wrap up around 5 pm.


Were will we sleep?

There will be two rooms allocated in Sandon Hall for sleeping during the event, one for male, one female. Please bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and any other bits you need to make yourself comfortable. There are toilets that can be used by all, but only one shower available so we will have to use this with awareness for everyone else.

Why meet up as a group?

Ideally meeting as a group at Sandon Hall is the best option as you will be part of the collective field of positivity and it will be a wonderful community event where many of Burgs students who have not met each other yet can come together as part of the group endeavour.

What can I do if I can’t make the event? Can I run a small session with some friends at home? 

If you cant make the event you are welcome to run a small group at home and tune in, but we would recommend coming if you possibly can – it really is a wonderful event.

About the Event

What is the Mettathon?

The Mettathon event itself is a 24hr unbroken Lovingkindness Meditation. We will run a continuous meditation from 12pm Saturday 12th May through to 12pm Sunday 13th May. This will be done in rotating shifts so that we can keep our group energy up as much as possible throughout whilst finding some time to rest during the event.

Why are we supporting those in need?

We would like to support those that find it difficult to provide the basic requisites of life; namely those that are homeless, hungry and less fortunate than ourselves. 
We are supporting these causes because in the West most of us have our basic needs provided for and we have more than we need for our basic survival and support.
Although there are many organisations doing amazing work around the world supporting those who don’t have these basic requisites, however our chosen group that we wish to support do not necessarily receive so much support.

Who are we supporting? 

We have chosen to support the orphans of Myanmar (Burma) where there is not as much direct visible support for these children. These orphans for one reason or another have no home or family to provide for them and have been taken in by monks who school them in the basics of education and the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha). This is particularly an important service provided for by the monks as the children are vulnerable without this support.

Pilgrimage to the Event

If you are interested, we are asking that those attending the Mettathon walk to the venue, even if it is simply a few hours walking across the Sandon Park. It is not expected that you should all do the walk, only if you feel inspired to do so.
It is suggested to get together amongst yourselves and form your own walking posse. The Art of Meditation cannot accept responsibility for all the different groups on the walk, rather everyone should form their own groups and be responsible for each other and we will all gather together at Sandon on the day. A group of 3-5 for the walk in our experience is the optimal size. We have a number of potential walking routes as well as guidelines on how to live and camp wild in the UK in May!

Walking to the Mettathon 2018 [right click to download]

Please contact Alex Clingan ( for details of the walking route and camping advice. One of the routes we have chosen is a Christian Pilgrimage route.


Wild camping before event

Wild camping before the event is optional and down to the individual. It is possible to wild camp in the Sandon Park but if you wish to do this please contact Hugo ( for details. This will need to be pre-arranged with him.

Food / Volunteering

If you would like, we would love for you to help us with helping cooking/preparing food and/or bringing food with you.
It would be wonderful if you would like to bring some food to share. Please email us if you would like to help with this.
We will be cooking a group meal at the end of the event for everyone so let us know if you would like to contribute in some way.
We will have soup provided on the Saturday evening but please bring any extra food you may want.
Breakfast on Sunday will not be provided but there is a pub where you can get a cooked breakfast 10 mins walk away and then supermarkets by car. If you do not want to leave the venue please bring supplies. 
Join Us And Raise Money For Charity

When: 12th – 13th May 2018

Where: Sandon Hall, Staffordshire

Arrival Time: 12th May 11am

Meditation start time – 12pm 12th May 2018

Meditation finish time – 12pm 13th May

Closing Lunch Time: 13th May 1pm

Email to Register Now

Help Us Raise Money

We will be raisin money for Orphanages in Burma, some of which we supported in 2011. 

We have setup a YouCaring page to collect these funds. Please feel free to share this page with your friends and any others that might be interested.

Please Sponsor Us

Getting to Sandon Hall

Travelling to Sandon Hall is very easy.

London to Stafford Train is about 1hr 20mins (fast train).

Driving from London takes about 3hrs.

Photos from Our Previous Fundraiser in 2011