06 January 2016

Mighty Oaks from Acorns Come (an inspiration for the year ahead)

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Mighty Oaks from Acorns Come (an inspiration for the year ahead)

When we sow an acorn in the ground, the vision of it as a mighty oak may well be far from view. But as soon as it is sewn, the possibility of it becoming that is born. A forest emerges gradually over a longer period of time, yet it is always the result of seeds sewn just expressing their true nature.

We exhaust ourselves looking for a model that will define a brighter future for our children, that will bring this world into a state of sustainable balance and peace. The resolution to our problems does not lie in the hands of our political thinkers and economic strategists. It lies in the heart of each and every one of us. The world around us is always a reflection of the consciousness of those upon it.

When we sew the seed of love deeply in our hearts once more, and water it so that it shines forth, slowly our world will change. Weeds struggle to gain purchase in a forest of might oaks but once they are cut, wild growth proliferates. Anger and greed struggle to find purchase in a heart that pours fourth a loving regard for all beings equally.

There once was a time, in the distant past, where love was the creative principle behind our lives rather than desire. Some time in the future, this will be the case again. It is the way of things, the cycle of things. Every storm that blows one day comes to an end. When it does and the waters become still and calm again, they become a mirror which clearly reflects anything held over it.

Our mind is like water. When you calm it and allow it to be still, it will likewise become a mirror. And when you do that, it also will reflect everything perfectly that it beholds. When it does, you will see for yourself your true nature, and the true nature of everything is love.

During the most tempestuous of storms, it might appear to be anything but that. However, always and everywhere, the same truth holds sway. When things are left to settle naturally, they express themselves beautifully. The more disturbed they get, the more distorted things appear.

So lets try to start our own revolution, each and everyone of us; not by shouting out for change, not by expecting it but by becoming it. Positive change starts with a revolution in the mind. The change we are longing for will be brought about by kindness and generosity and pouring that forth boundlessly in all directions to every being that comes our way.

That light of love in your heart may well start out only as the faintest of glows but it is the flame that marks us a human. If you want to make it blaze brightly, you will need to tend to it and put fuel upon it so that it might get a heart to it. But when it does, will recognise that it is true; your needs are few and they will already have been met.

The root of our mind lies in our heart. It is this and only this that continues when we die. And it is this that moves us to live the way we do. So take the time to sew the seed of love in your heart, and make generosity and kindness the basis of your life.

Even when you are angry or depressed, there is always a way that you can do something for others, to give in some way that adds a little light to the world. When you do this daily, never stopping, so that it becomes your habit, gradually you will lose sight of yourself, and your need to be seen. And in doing so you will reclaim all the energy you have lost to this and it will start to pour forth naturally in a wholly positive direction.

Then sometime in the future, a time will come when as you draw your last breath, you will look out upon the world and see that a whole forest of mighty oaks has grown up where once you placed little acorns. But what is more, that light that you shone upon those around you will have touched them in unspoken ways, so that they too got to planting acorns.

If then, as that last breath leaves your body, you can find it within your heart to say thank you to the extraordinary life that you have been a part up, you will fare well. And beyond your wildest dreams you will see how extraordinary this life truly is.

Don’t wait for the world to change, don’t wait to be told what to do, don’t even wait for the next guy. Start right now. Take that seed of love and sew it in your own heart with a simple reflection; “Thank you, thank you, thank you: May all being be happy. May I be happy.”

Write in on a paper, stick it on your mirror and every morning as you wake up and every night as you go to sleep, make this reflection. Hold it in your heart until your flame of love starts to blaze. For when it does, you will not need anyone else to show you the way. You will know what it is you have to do.

So good luck to each and everyone of you. Keep at it and never give up. And one day our children will dance together in a world of mighty oak forests.


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With love and blessing Burgs

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