26 February 2021

Online Lovingkindness Retreat

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Hello Everyone

I will be hosting another online retreat next month on the subject of Loving Kindness. The retreat is open to everyone but we do recommend that you have some previous experience in meditation.

Starting Friday 5th March 7.15pm

All day Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th March

Registration Fee is £25. Teachings on donation upon completion of the retreat.

Loving Kindness Meditation explores how to transform the capacity for calm abiding and sustained concentration into the most positive mental attitudes of love, kindness, gratitude and compassion. Through the combination of careful instruction, deep reflection and the gradual maturing of our own insight we learn how these states emerge naturally within us, and that their absence or our difficulty in experiencing them is only the result of the unwholesome patterns and conditioning that block us.

Not only will you learn the powerful meditation practices of Loving Kindness, Appreciative Joy and Compassion, but also how to apply them in a way that brings about profound healing and transformation. These practices not only bring about significant improvement in our sense of well being and connectedness to others, but also help us to dismantle the sabotaging habitual tendencies that hinder us in our experience of these positive attitudes.

This is a great opportunity to receive these rare teachings from the comfort of your own home. And if you feel that someone you know might benefit from these teachings, then please do share.

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With Boundless Metta, Burgs

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