08 April 2015


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by Samantha Thornton


Twelve years ago Burgs started teaching me meditation a week or so after I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. I found it unbelievably hard but thanks to his never ending patience, slowly but surely i started  to make progress with my meditation practice.  There is no doubt in my mind that using the meditation and eastern medicine alongside western medicines helped me reach remission five years ago.

After going into remission I suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome and a partial breakdown and again it was Burgs and his meditation and the guidance of a cancer psychiatrist that brought me to wellness. POG is the story of my journey in the form of a huge thank you letter to all those who helped me on my way.


Samantha has written a short book about her journey through illness. You can find more details about the book by using the link below. Half the proceeds of the book go to Maggies cancer support centres around the UK.

Click here for Amazon book link

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