08 November 2015

Post Retreat Q&A

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Hi Everyone

Below you will find the two discourses and the meditation I am sharing. The first is on my soundcloud page and the second and third we have embedded below.



The Intelligence That Remains When We Let Go


Guided Meditation: The Physical Process of the Breath


To download the guided meditation please right click and save as on the link below.

Guided Meditation Download

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  1. Thursa Wilde

    Thank you so much for all you are doing online. these discourses are such timely reminders. I find at the moment I am simplifying my meditation, just tuning in, just following the breath. For now, with the joyful but very mind-based flowering and expansion I am finding in my professional life, it is enough, and it is vital just to tune in the body, as a haven of rest. At times the excitement of my professional life occludes the felt need, and I have to battle with my ego to sustain my meditation practise, but I know enough to know how necessary it is to my well-being. The cart is loaded and thundering down the road to worldly success, but it is no more secure or safe than it ever was on its own, without the ‘groundedness of being’ to give it stability. I will be with you all again in September – the deposit is paid despite reservations over time and finances, I find it is a choiceless choice.
    Thank you thank you thank you and may all beings be happy and peaceful and free from suffering. x

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