17 September 2020

September Online Retreat and New Advanced Vipassana Website

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Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are running our next online retreat from Wednesday evening 23rd September until Saturday evening 26th September. I am looking forward to the chance for us to all meditate together albeit virtually. For further details and joining instructions please see below.

I also wanted to let you know that we have released alot more material on the Advanced Vipassana website. The site now has new material for Volume 5 which is an on going project, the whole of Volume Three is now live and we are also uploading Volume Four concurrently. We will be continuing to publish more chapters on an ongoing basis so do keep coming back if you are finding it useful. I hope you are all finding it a valuable resource.

Click Here for Advanced Vipassana Site

With Metta,


Online Retreat Details and Joining Instructions

Dear Friends,
I have given much thought to the structure of our next online retreat. This email is intended to provide guidelines on how to register and participate should you be considering joining.


The previous two online weekend retreats we designed to provide a foundation for establishing a genuine ongoing and progressive meditation practice. I have included within these retreats some introduction to the Buddha’s Dharma and the eight-fold path. In this next retreat I am hoping to introduce the foundations and principles of Insight meditation (Vipassana). This begins the process of transforming the negative habit patterns and conditioning of the mind as part of the gradual path out of suffering. I would strongly encourage any of you who have felt drawn towards the Dharma to consider joining this retreat. There are some guidelines I would like to give in this respect.


This is deep healing and transformational work and while I will do my best to give you as much support, steerage and encouragement as I can, you will be doing the retreat in your chosen environment on your own; so I would encourage you to consider timing and circumstances. I am going to ask that all of you have either attended one or both of the previous online retreats or followed the Stillness programme online course if you haven’t already attended a residential retreat with me. This is so that you will all have sufficient foundations to your own personal practice and understanding to put what I will be teaching into context at a broader level. I have also decided to run this initial retreat for only three days instead of the original one week because I want you all to go step-by-step and have time to integrate each stage of the practice as you go. We will do a follow up retreat at the end of the year.


To this end, the September retreat will run from Wednesday evening 23rd September until Saturday evening 26th September, you will have the option of taking the Sunday as a day of integration and rest, or, to continue your practice if you wish to extend. I will also do an evening session on the Sunday to check-in and answer any questions arising from the retreat.


During the three days we will spend half a day reviewing the stillness practices and half a day reviewing the foundation concentration practices before going on to establishing and developing our insight meditation practice during day two and the morning of day three. The final afternoon will be dedicated to deepening our loving kindness practice in line with the insight that has emerged from our meditation.


There will be a £25 registration fee for this retreat to cover the admin costs and pay someone to handle the bookings and communications etc. As you know, I offer these teachings on donation which you can make after you have finished. The registration process for this retreat is slightly different from before and is a 2-step process. Firstly, if you fulfil the pre-requisites for joining you can register directly via PayPal ( ) and, secondly, please also send an email notifying us ( of this together with details of your previous experience meditating with me. This email is a pre-requisite for joining the retreat, it only needs to be brief so that we can confirm from our records that you have done the necessary preparatory work. If you are currently not eligible but would like to request to join (for example you may be in the middle of following one of our online courses), then please email us to this effect and we will consider your application. For those who do not wish to use PayPal please transfer to the following account: Burgs Consulting, sort: 20-65-20. Acc: 33861414


I am sorry to mention that from the last two retreats we ran it appears only about a third of the participants understood the notion of making a donation in exchange for the teachings. This has always been the way in which the Dharma is shared, and I have up-held this principle since I began teaching. Much care, thought, and energy goes into providing these teachings and the subsequent ongoing support and encouragement we provide (website, YouTube etc); please bare this in mind. It is better to give even a small amount as a gesture than to give nothing. Perhaps you can consider it like this: your retreat has been paid for by the donations of those who went before you, what you give in return paves the way for others to learn after you. This is how the wheel of giving keeps rolling.
Finally, please note, we cannot send immediate emails back to acknowledge your registration. If your PayPal payment goes through and you send us the confirming email you can assume that we have you included in the participants list. We will email further guidelines and details on how to tune in online a few days before the retreat begins.


We look forward to many of you joining us again.
With Metta,
Burgs and the team.

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