22 April 2016

Supporting Sara

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Hello everyone,

Over the many years Burgs has been teaching meditation, there are those who have joined retreat in order to heal sickness in their body. Through the process of their journey, most find a peace with what they are working through, and some even are fortunate enough to heal themselves from their affliction.

Currently one of our students, Sara Hammond, is on her own journey of healing. Below you will see something that her group of friends have put together to help raise support for Sara. Having been diagnosed with an aggressive late stage ovarian cancer, the doctors initially thought that there was no means of treatment for Sara. Thankfully this prognosis changed and she is now undergoing treatment to try and turnaround the cancer in her lower abdomen.

So if you are able to, any small contribution that you make will help her during this difficult time, where she is completely dependent on the generosity of others. All monies donated will go directly to Sara.

Thank you for your support.

with boundless metta to you all


Supporting Sara’s Facebook Page

You may or may not know but a dear friend of ours, Sara Hammond, is fighting a hard battle against advanced Ovarian Cancer that has spread to her abdomen. We are sorry if you are hearing this for the first time. This news came as a massive shock to Sara in February, and has been a personal journey that she is now ready to share.

Here are the tough facts: as well as being told that she may have a full hysterectomy and have many other areas of her stomach removed to give her the best chance of survival, and is likely to never have an “all clear” diagnosis because of the nature of the cancer. Sara is also dealing with the nasty side effects of intensive chemo treatment, abdominal fluid drains, and the exhaustion of being in and out of hospital weekly.

And here are the happier, equally-weighty facts: in spite of all this, Sara has a smile on her face and a song in her heart – which will come as no surprise to those who know her! She has already made massive steps in what may be a long road to recovery and is confident that she will beat the odds and come through this stronger than ever and to live a long, enjoyable life. Let’s face it, if anyone can do it, it’s this girl!

So, what’s next?

Well, Sara is continuing her treatment and trying to keep her spirit up – no mean feat in itself. However, she is now at a point where her finances are now a daily concern and drain on her energy, which is adding an unhelpful extra strain. Rent, utilities and other bills still need to be paid and Sara is unable to work, has no health insurance and no money coming in – it’s in this area that she needs a bit of help.

This is where you can come in and join ‘Hammo’s Army’ of supporters!

We are needing to raise £6,000 through various means. We can’t use ‘Just Giving’ as this is not a charity request, so we ask that you if you would like to contribute, you send your donation to Nemma Cox, a friend of Sara’s who is helping support and keep her organised during her chemotherapy. Please use the reference of ‘SARA’ when sending donations.

Name: Neema Cox
Sort Code: 30-98-73
Account Number: 24512768

Alternatively you can use PayPal to Donate if you wish:

Special request:
· Please only give an amount that is comfortable to you. That you are happy with your donation is as important to Sara as the donation itself.
· Please put your name down as a reference when you transfer funds so that Sara knows who has helped her out and – in her own time – can thank each of you.
· Stay positive and keep smiling – above all else, Sara wants you know that this is beatable and she is on the case!

Your donations, thoughts and prayers are really appreciated. Let’s help alleviate the worry of unpaid bills and allow Sara to focus on the one big battle – giving cancer the BOOT!

Love, Neema, Kim, Verity and Kyleigh (Hammo’s Army supporters)


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