17 August 2020

The Path of Love

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Hello Everyone,

I have just posted a new discourse on YouTube. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to share it around if you like it.

With Metta, Burgs

The Path of Love

“Our ability to experience and express love is a reflection of our state of being. The quality with which we feel and express love is something that is worthy or our reflection. There is a way of reviewing your capacity for love and seeing how conditioned or unconditioned its is or what brings it about in you, or how able or unable you are to feel it. Its an expression of a state of our consciousness and the way or integrity of how life is expressing itself through us. One way we could look at is is that out capacity for love is a reflection of how much we’ve damaged our innate vital pure expression of life, which you will always incline towards as an expression of love. And so its a healing process to access an ever greater sense of a feeling of love within you…”

For the rest of the discourse listen on Youtube Burgs Talks Channel.

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