01 July 2016

Time for a Long Out Breath

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An Opportunity to Embrace Wholesale Change is Upon Us

In order for a really coherent vision of what a balanced future might look like, I believe it is necessary to let go the ideas of how we thought it might have looked. It feels like an opportunity to embrace wholesale change is upon us; something that has been begging to happen for a long time now. Any vision of a harmonious future will need to embody a significantly greater alignment to the natural order of things than the one that produced the divisive results of the Brexit referendum. The whole of humanity, and indeed the planet is exhausted from us holding our world together as an exercise in wilful control. There is an intelligence to life that we are choking to death in our unwillingness to listen to the currents that are moving through us. The creaking and groaning of the economic systems as well as the friction and lack of ease we are feeling within our own hearts, are all calling out in no uncertain terms saying; ‘wake up you lot; this has got to change.”

So the question we are faced with is how willing to change are we and what are we willing to let go in order to embrace the real opportunity that is in front of us? As I have said, this is a time to breathe out. The dismantling of a system that has not worked (regardless of whether that involves leaving or staying in the EU) should bring with it a huge sigh of relief if we are courageous enough to find trust in the face of uncertainty. The Buddha always used to say that the social order is always a reflection of the consciousness of its people, and that the leadership is a reflection of that too. We simply cannot just look to our leaders to work this out, they are as confused and as uncertain as we are now, these are unprecedented times.

That means we all must play our part of releasing the friction and tension that leads to fear, through finding a trust in what we are capable of and letting go the fear of what might happen. If the outcome is to be a reflection of the consciousness of the people it effects, we must come from a place of love, humility, connectedness and trust, and most certainly not act out of selfish fear. Not easy I am sure.

Although the economic and social systems may contract, that does not mean that it needs to bring with it a contraction in consciousness. I believe that folk consciousness is of the highest order, and that change now needs to come at a folk and not an institutional level. That means you and me, all of us have a part to play. It’s time to open up, think outside the box, but it is also time to take stock and allow a bigger picture to emerge.

There are cycles and currents of deep universal energy moving here. Perhaps we should all take some time to tune in to them and look for the direction they are really pointing us. Try working backwards to a time where you didn’t feel so much friction in the system… think in terms of cycles and not always in terms of expansion. Each in breath is followed by an out breath. If it takes more band aids to hold things together, or a inordinate and exhausting act of will, it is a sign the model is obsolete. It is not the case that more complex structures become more stable. Simpler structures that remain adaptive are the ones that flow through times of change like this. The will of man has held sway for way too long. However inventive and creative we may be, it is important that we do not come so intoxicated with our own creations that we sever our relationship the the creative process that is actually governing our lives. When we fail to respond to that for too long, we really are in deep water. It did okay before we got here, and it will do okay without us. The big question, is are we ready to listen enough to what it is saying and finally start to come into alignment with it, so that it can support us the way it supports everything else on this planet.

What it looks like when it has readjusted none of us can tell, but I am sure that this is not a time to breath in and hold our breath. It is a time to breathe out, release the tension and pressure in the system and take stock.

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