17 July 2020

Two-Day Virtual Concentration Retreat: 24th-26th July

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Dear Friends

We hope you are keeping well as life is being eased back to normal.

After the great success of our first virtual retreat at the beginning of June and subsequent requests for a follow on one, Burgs will be running a second retreat from 7.00pm Friday 24th July to Sunday 8.00pm on 26th July. Whilst the first retreat focused mainly on building our connection to stillness and settling, in this second retreat Burgs will be focusing on serenity practice (or Samatha) through the art of building our concentration. This retreat will be suitable for all students and although we will be building on the foundations from the previous retreat, those who were unable to join will not be left behind.

The retreat will be run in the same format as the last one with the day commencing at 8.15am with sessions until lunch at 12.30pm, then a 2 hour break, and then afternoon sessions until 6.30pm, followed by a 1 hour break and a final evening session from 7.30pm until 8.15pm; very similar format to our standard retreats. The retreat will be delivered via our YouTube channel with only those registered to the retreat receiving links to unlisted content. There will be a £10 registration fee and for those who wish there will be an opportunity to give a donation at the end.

In order to register please send £10 via Paypal (NB: If your current email address is different from the one your Paypal account is registered to please place your current email in the reference when paying). We will invite you to a retreat Telegram group two days prior to the retreat starting (please download the Telegram app on to your phone or desktop, where we will post links to access content. If you do not have Telegram nor wish to join it we will be sending out all the links for the retreat via email too. The benefit to being on Telegram is that you may receive updates faster and feel more connected to the group. For those that do not have Paypal please pay £10.00 into the following account and email Burgs at  to let us know:


Please do not worry if you do not receive confirmation of your registration immediately, we will be communicating with the whole group 5 days before the retreat, but rest assured if you register we will have you down.

As with last time, the retreat can be enjoyed on many different levels but the more you are able to be undistracted the more you will gain from the experience. We do hope you will be able to join us as we continue on this journey together. If you have any questions please email us.

With metta,

AOM Team.

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