29 November 2017

Burgs New Book: Living Dharma

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Hello Everyone,

I am extremely happy to announce that we have finished the new book: Living Dharma. It has been a long time coming and I am very pleased to have got it done. It has been a very rewarding project and I hope you find it inspirational and interesting. Through the book I have tried to bring to life what The Buddha was actually pointing at, The Dharma as a living truth that we are all a part of, that is expressed everywhere, around us, through us and within us. It is through seeing this truth we free ourselves from ignorance and the suffering this causes.

For this blog I have decided to release a video of from a Vipassana retreat a few years ago which we recently discovered in our archive. It was a big moment on that retreat and it relates to the teachings in both the Living Dharma and the Survival Guide to Staying Conscious books. Please forgive the quality it is an old video, but I hope you feel the message remains as poignant today as it was then.

We have been delighted by the number of new volunteers we have had join us recently and this team has been very busy with various new projects, more details of which will follow shortly, and we are  extremely grateful that many of you have come forward to offer us your time and expertise to bring these projects to fruition.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy, with metta, Burgs

The Pursuit of Pleasure and the Pursuit of Happiness:


I have also made a new video to the track, Its Just a Brief Time, from the Brave Souls album which is available here. If you like it please do share it around. We are developing our Youtube channel where we will be releasing various videos, meditations and discourses telling the story of our journey into deepening consciousness, so please join us there too and subscribe to our channel. Thank you!

We have recently relaunched our Instagram so please follow us here

And finally, we have also launched on Insight Timer with previously unreleased material and will be uploading new meditations regularly so please do join us there also. 




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